Jimmy Fallon to Hillary Clinton: Do You ‘Have Too Much Experience’ Compared to Republicans?

September 17th, 2015 2:20 AM

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon began his Wednesday night sit-down with Hillary Clinton by contrasting her supposed vast experience with the leading Republicans who, he declared, “have no experience.”

Noting the second Republican debate earlier in the night (though it occurred after the Tonight Show was produced), Fallon boosted Hillary Clinton by telling her “the two leaders over there on the Republican Party, one is a real estate mogul. The other guy is  a neurosurgeon.”

He then touted her: “You were a Senator, you were First Lady, Secretary of State. Is it possible that you have too much experience to become the President of the United States?”

In the midst of her approving laughter and audience applause on the September 16 program, Fallon asserted: “They have no experience.”  

Several of my tweets from in and around the debate Wednesday night on CNN: