Fox Dares to Expose Illegal Who Murdered Florida Cop; Nets Ignore

August 1st, 2018 11:08 AM

On Tuesday morning, FNC continued to update viewers on the case of an illegal immigrant from Haiti, Wisner Desmaret, with a past criminal record who murdered a Florida police officer after managing to avoid deportation for years.

The other networks continued to ignore the story even as ABC and CBS ran full reports on Tuesday morning on the case of Thurman Blevins, who was killed recently by Minneapolis police.

On Tuesday's Fox and Friends, substitute co-host Peter Hegseth spoke with Charlotte County bail bondsman Matthew Jones as guest to discuss the issue of how criminals like Desmaret manage to be released back into the public in spite of criminal activity. Hegspeth recalled:that he "has an extensive criminal history and was reportedly released just days before the attack under the supervision of the county's pretrial services program," and noted that Desmaret had a history of committing "burglary, grand theft, weapons charges, and resisting arrest."

On Monday night's The Ingraham Angle, FNC host Laura Ingraham also notably hosted a debate over the issue of illegal immigrants not being deported in spite of arrests. She informed viewers:



Miller's killer, Wisner Desmaret, as you may remember from our coverage last week, came to this country from Haiti when he was nine years old. He had managed to escape conviction in the past, but now ICE has filed an immigration detainer hold on him. Inexplicably, the city of Philadelphia just announced that they will no longer grant ICE access to arrest databases like the one Desmaret was actually discovered on.

A bit later, former ICE special agent Claude Arnold further related Desmaret's case:

He came here as a visitor, the family applied for asylum. The information I have, it was denied, they were put in removal proceedings, he was ordered deported, but then -- out of the generosity of this country after the earthquake in Haiti -- they were granted temporary protected status -- and, you know, to show his gratitude, he killed one of our heroes in blue.