'Undecided Voter' at Debate Wrote for Lefty Website

October 10th, 2008 12:43 PM

One of the "undecided voters" on the panel at the Town Hall Debate - Ben Raybin - describes the experience in a guest article posted at BuzzFlash.com. The tagline at the end of the article notes that Raybin, now a law student at Vanderbilt University, is "a former staff writer for BuzzFlash."

Buzz Flash is a left-wing, pro-Obama, "independent media" website, as anyone can tell by looking at the site or even just their store, the BuzzFlash Progressive Marketplace, where you can support the cause by purchasing Obama stickers, liberal books and Joan Baez records.

As for Raybin, when he was an undergrad student at the University of Chicago - where Obama once served on the law school faculty - Raybin wrote this article for The:New:City, an Australian "web journal of urban and political affairs," while he was studying for a semester at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

In the article, Raybin writes about what the Australian Labour Party can learn from America's Democratic Party as the ALP seeks to defeat Australia's conservative party.

Does Raybin look like an undecided voter to you?

He did to Gallup and Tom Brokaw.