VIDEO: Exposing the Media’s Big Lie About Elections

January 12th, 2022 10:35 AM

For the past year, journalists have dishonestly claimed that the fight over election reform in Congress is a struggle over “voting rights.” Specifically, they allege that Republicans have been trying to rescind the right to vote from some portion of the electorate.

The notion that the debate in Congress has anything to do with protecting or diminishing Americans’ freedom to vote is a flat-out falsehood. No election reform bill proposed or enacted in state legislatures around the country over the past year has removed the right to vote from a single law-abiding citizen, and Republicans on Capitol Hill appear reluctant to pass any sort of federal reform at all.

Yet the media have persisted in their Big Lie, attempting to scare voters into supporting Democrats’ latest attempt to federalize America’s elections.

Below is the MRC’s latest explainer video detailing how the media have gotten away with so blatant a lie for over a year (and counting):