Obsessed: The Media Have Never Stopped Lobbying for Trump's Impeachment

February 8th, 2021 9:52 AM

After former President Donald Trump was acquitted in February of 2020 — to the crushing dismay of liberal journalists — it only took a few weeks for those crestfallen reporters to begin calling for another shot at impeachment. By April of that same year, TV journalists were back to decrying Trump’s behavior as impeachable, with MSNBC’s Joy Reid explicitly supporting a second trial as early May, 2020 (just three months after the last one had ended).

Back in September of 2019, the MRC noted that Trump’s critics in the media had been talking about impeachment even before he took the Presidential Oath. At this point, the media’s support for impeaching Donald Trump spans a period of time longer than his own presidency. Watch the video below to see the media’s ceaseless push to remove him from office:



Although Trump’s latest impeachment is predicated on January 6, 2021 chaos at the U.S. Capitol, journalists were cooking up justifications for a second swing at the piñata long before then. There was a brief hiatus in March of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and then impeachment was back on the menu. In April, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell insisted that Trump had committed the same malfeasance he’d been impeached for just months prior: “Donald Trump once again committed an impeachable offense, this time in public. He repeated that impeachable offense again today.”

In May of that year, O’Donnell’s colleague Joy Reid was among the first to openly suggest that after three impeachment-free months, America might be overdue for another helping:

It is hard to imagine a President being impeached twice. But if Donald Trump withholds money from a United States state to bully them politically and to try to get his way on mail-in voting, is he potentially facing impeachment in the House again?

CNN joined the chorus a month later, this time touting the firing of a federal prosecutor as justification. The network’s presidential historian Douglas Brinkley remarked in June that such an act “may lead to a second impeachment,” – though he naively stipulated that it would only happen if Trump won reelection.

Then in July, CNN Newsroom weekend host Ana Cabrera identified the commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence as the Next Big Thing for impeachment enthusiasts: “Is there perhaps an appetite for another impeachment inquiry?”

The media’s obsession continued unabated throughout 2020. Given leftwing journalists have been brainstorming excuses to impeach Trump – whom they also just so happen to detest openly – for longer than he was even President, it’s a wonder how they still can hope to have any remaining credibility on the topic.