Drew Carey Says Libertarians Can ‘Get Away’ in Hollywood, but Conservatives Pretty Much ‘Doomed’

March 20th, 2010 10:52 PM

According to actor and comedian Drew Carey, Hollywood is not the intolerant blackballing liberal utopia many deem it to be. In fact, Hollywood is very accepting of the right-wing crowd - except for that fringe, radical segment known as conservatives.

"In Hollywood, you can pretty much get away with being a libertarian," Carey told John Stossel on the Fox Business Network. "But if you're a conservative you're kind of doomed."

Carey was a featured guest on "Stossel" March 18, dissecting the economic calamities surrounding his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio (anointed Forbes' new

“Most Miserable City”

), and to provide the perspective of an

aspiring businessman.

"Now you're a libertarian right?" Stossel asked. "Has that slowed your career?"

"Uh no, I'm actually doing okay. You know - I make pretty good money - I think my jokes slowed my career," Carey quipped.

"But no bad vibes?"

"For awhile there I think people thought I was a big conservative and I think that kinda... I think actually did hurt, but libertarian is cool," Carey stated. "I always describe libertarians as conservatives that still get high."

In regards to the "Mistake on the Lake," Carey has teamed up with free-market champion Reason TV in “Reason Saves Cleveland,” promoting new alternatives for (what they deem as) the devastating status-quo of centralized urban-planning in American cities.

"You know [other places] attract people because they have low taxes, it's easier to start a business there, it's easy to live there, there's a lot more commercial freedom," he told Stossel. But Carey stated most of the politicians simply don't get it, because a lot of them in Cleveland are simply "set in their ways."

Image via television.gearlive.com