Gore Wins Nobel Prize for Sexy

December 12th, 2007 5:18 PM

Al Gore, the tall, "adorable," "sexy," "very hot Nobel Peace Prize winner," ... "The Man."

It was the ultimate in Al Gore adoration, all the way from Oslo, Norway, via The Washington Post's Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan.

Scottish singer KT Tunstall gushed over Gore's "expressive, arched, well-groomed" eyebrows. Actress Uma Thurman said watching the "Inconvenient Truth" pedagogue "following his calling" was "like watching a beautiful racehorse run."

The December 12 Style section article committed to memory every detail of the Gore lovefest (part of the traditional concert to celebrate the Nobel Prizes) - down to the way wife Tipper "gently wiped sweat from her husband's brow." There was talk of celebrities glowingly meeting, hugging and praising Al Gore.

Jordan and Sullivan's love letter to Gore called him "the connective tissue that turned the evening into a homily - albeit a celebratory one - about the dangers of global warming."

Thus, as the infamous "planetary emergency" raged outside, the party - with 6,000 people, many of whom flew in for the occasion - went on. The article didn't mention how the crowd was offsetting the event or all that travel.

The writers did, however, have plenty to say about the Bush administration, turning to astute political commentator Thurman.