'Daily Show' Stars Discuss the Evil World of Trump, Claim Show Is the 'Most Factually Accurate News Source'

July 24th, 2017 1:53 PM

Last week, Bustle.com published an interview giving insight into the detached reality of two members of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Desi Lydic is a field correspondent and Michele Wolf is a writer and on-screen contributor for the not-so-funny comedy show. Here are just a few comments made by the pair:

DESI LYDIC: How did you feel the day after the election?

MICHELLE WOLF: I was so sad. That’s when I cried on camera.


LYDIC: My husband and I, we looked at each other [On election night] and we were like, oh my god we just brought a child into this world. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it really felt like that.

Well, it's better than bringing a child into a world where Iran has nukes, illegal immigrant criminals are allowed to run free, and I have to wait months to receive adequate health care. But Trump is a meany head, right?

WOLF: We’re clearly a liberal leaning show, but I would argue we are the most factually accurate news source. Like we have a fact checker, and he won’t let anything slide by that’s not accurate.

This coming from the show that claimed Fox News is just like North Korean propaganda.

Among other things they also whined about the demise of Planned Parenthood:

LYDIC: Sometimes it’s inspired because it’s something that I care about, but also you immediately see the comedy in it. Like there was this idea [where states] were trying to make it harder for women to go to Planned Parenthood. But they were saying, "Here’s this list of other places where you can go and get your health care services." The places they listed were like a dentist's office, the Salvation Army, the school nurse of a high school. I’m like, this would make a great field piece, because not only is this absurd and crazy, but I want to go to a Salvation Army and ask for a pap smear. Like, I want to try and get a pap smear at the dentist’s office.

Uhhmm....what? No serious person is suggesting you go to the dentist for a pap smear. That is not what the vast majority of Planned Parenthood critics are arguing. There are plenty of health service providers for women that don't use taxpayer dollars to perform abortions. I would tell these two to stick with comedy, but they aren't particularly good at that either.