Lorenz Equates Nose Job, Breast Removal For Teens In Libs of TikTok Interview

February 24th, 2024 4:32 PM

Washington Post technology and online culture columnist and chief woketeer Taylor Lorenz published a 53-minute interview with 2023 MRC Bulldog Award winner Chaya Raichik—A.K.A. Libs of TikTok—to her YouTube account on Saturday, where she compared a woman getting a nose job to getting her breasts cut off under the rationale that she’s really a boy and admitted she’s unfamiliar with the sexually explicit books Raichik is trying to “ban” from schools, among several other things.

At the 3:30 mark, a mask-clad Lorenz asks Raichik if she is responsible for the hateful comments that get posted in response to her Twitter posts, “I know you have a very conservative fan base, and in your comments sometimes, you’ll see a lot of commentary about, sort of, the Great Replacement Theory. What are your thoughts—what are your thoughts on that?”

Raichik answered Lorenz’s question with a question of her own, “What are your thoughts on the comments on your post telling me to kill myself?”



Lorenz said such comments were horrible, but didn’t seem to get that Raichick was trying to get Lorenz to apply her own standard to herself, “So are you saying that, like, somebody posts something then attacks follow, that person should answer for those attacks?”

Raichik replied, “No, that’s not what I’m saying. People like you tell me that all the time, so I’m just asking you if you think the same thing.

About a minute later, the conversation shifted to how gender ideology affects minors and the physical procedures that are done in the name of affirming their identity. After Raichik asked "So a kid should be able to cut off their breasts if they think they're boys," Lorenz claimed, “My feeling is that I believe in personal liberty. I grew up in a town where a lot of people, for their middle school graduation, women got nose jobs. I know someone who got a boob job at age 14, and I guess I struggle to understand the criticism when there’s certainly no criticism of that sort of thing.”

Correctly not seeing the two as the same, Raichik asked, “So, you’re comparing a boy being allowed to chop off his penis to a teenage girl getting a nose job?” Lorenz doubted such things actually happen, but Raichik claimed that she has been told directly by hospitals that they do perform hysterectomies for 16-year olds. As an aside, even PolitiFact was forced to admit that there have been cases of 14-year olds receiving so-called masculinizing chest surgery.

Later, at 29:02, Lorenz returned to the idea, “I mean, women ascribe to certain gender things. You see women getting boob jobs to affirm their gender. I mean, we’re in Los Angeles, you see this kind of gender—" Raichik, again replied, “So, again, you’re comparing boob jobs and nose jobs to people buying into the lie that they could change their sex?”

At 8:50 on the subject of books, Lorenz asked, “I was just curious, how many have you read?” Raichik replied that she’s read Gender Queer, This Book is Gay, Flamer, My Shadow is Pink, It Feels Good to be Yourself, and “so many more.”

Several minutes later, at the 44:25 mark, Lorenz could not say the same, “I have not read those books, so I don’t know, but I do think that it’s important to educate kids about sexuality.”

At one point, Raichik showed both Lorenz and the camera the oral sex  cartoons in question, to which Lorenz claimed that context matters and Raichik countered that there is no context in which such images are appropriate to show children.

Back at 26:25, Lorenz was wondering what Raichik has against transgenders. If transitioning makes people happy, what’s the big deal, she wondered. She also wondered, “What would happen to them?” if Raichik succeeded in her mission against transgender ideology.

For Raichik, it is a matter of truth, “First of all, the whole trans—it’s based on a lie. You can’t change—you can’t change your gender.”

As someone who writes for the paper that claims democracy dies in darkness, Lorenz should know that truth, for its own sake, matters. No matter how many times Lorenz claims that chopping off a young girl's breasts is the same as a nose job is the same thing, it will never be true.