Meyers Claims No One Cares 'What Bathroom Someone Uses'

January 24th, 2024 2:14 PM

Amongst the late night comedians there exists a peculiar theory that says the reason why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis struggled and ultimately failed to win the Republican presidential nomination is because he pursued policies as governor that they, a bunch of liberals, do not like and that nobody else cares about. NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers was the latest example on Tuesday as he claimed that nobody cares about “what bathroom someone uses,” pronouns, or anything else that conservatives actually do care about.

DeSantis’s withdrawal from the race put Meyers in a self-admittedly awkward place as he moderated a fake debate between DeSantis and Nikki Haley. For the most part, Meyers asks silly questions and uses cut up sound bites from the candidates’ answers at the most recent real debate for humorous effect. However, occasionally Meyers will try to make an actual political argument as he did when he turned his fake debate into a parody of the game show Pyramid.



The “category” DeSantis, who still won re-election by almost 20 points, was supposed to “guess” was “things no voter cares about” and Meyers began with “banning LGBTQ books.”

DeSantis faux-replied, “Things that are going to help seniors.” That’s cute, but Meyers never does explain how books that Joy Reid's show won't even tweet out without censorship are suitable for children.

Trying again, Meyers tried again “No. Complaining about someone for preferred pronouns.”

DeSantis’s fake reply this time was “Things in Florida,” but as hard as it may be for Meyers to understand, some people really do care about putting truth before subjective feelings.

After going through DeSantis’s fights with Disney and other woke companies, Meyers offered up “What bathroom someone uses.”

This time DeSantis gave the “correct” response, “things no voter cares about.” In the real debate that was a response to Haley talking about “political process stuff,” but Meyers will be surprised to know that a great many people actually do care what bathroom people use because a society that cannot get basic concepts of male and female right does not have much of a chance of getting anything else right.

Here is a transcript for the January 23-taped show:

NBC Late Night with Seth Meyers


12:45 AM ET

SETH MEYERS: Okay, Governor DeSantis, it's time to play Pyramid, you ready? Okay. Here we go. Banning LGBTQ books. 

RON DESANTIS: Things that are going to help seniors. 

MEYERS: No. Complaining about someone for preferred pronouns.

DESANTIS: Things in Florida. 

MEYERS: No. Gay characters in Disney movies. 

DESANTIS: Things that's hitting working people the most. 

MEYERS: No. Companies being too woke.

DESANTIS: Things that happened during COVID. 

MEYERS: No. What bathroom someone uses.

DESANTIS: Things no voter cares about 

MEYERS: Yes, good job, you got it.