Nets Skip Jim Jordan Accuser's Reversal

August 10th, 2018 11:26 AM

On Thursday afternoon, the Daily Caller reported that a former Ohio State University wrestler recanted his statement regarding Rep. Jim Jordan. The wrestler, Mark Coleman, originally claimed that Jordan had knowledge of sexual abuse by deceased OSU physician Dr. Richard Strauss. Coleman now says, “at no time did I ever say or have any direct knowledge that Jim Jordan knew of Dr. Richard Strauss’s inappropriate behavior.”

The article was published at 5:52 PM EST, giving networks plenty of time to work a mention into their nightly news broadcasts. After reviewing footage from the night of August 9th, NewsBusters can confirm that they gave this story zero airtime. No network besides the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network thought this news was worth covering. While the media found time to initially hype the allegations against Jordan, they had no interest as the claims seemed to unravel.

However, CNN did finally mention Coleman’s reversal Friday at 9:34 AM EST. Host Poppy Harlow devoted exactly one minute to the story in a quick roundup of recent facts:

“I want to update you on a very important story. A former wrestler from Ohio State this morning is clarifying his comments he says about Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio, and whether he knew about the sexual abuse allegations against the team doctor decades ago when congressman Jordan was an assistant coach. A month ago this former wrestler by the name of Mark Coleman said: “there is no way that congressman Jordan doesn't remember what happened unless he has got dementia or something”. That was his statement then. Now he is clarifying to Jean Casarez saying he has no direct knowledge that the congressman knew about the allegation at all and here's what he told Jean. Quote, “maybe I spoke without thinking. Since I've said that it has consumed me 24 hours a day. I didn't like the way it was heading and the direction it was heading.” More than 100 former students accused Strauss, the former team doctor, of sexual misconduct.”

That is all the time CNN has for a now hotly-contested story. Previously networks have also ignored Jordan’s fellow coaches as they came to his defense. It seems as if the liberal media would much rather let rumors about Jim Jordan abound as his bid for Speaker of the House will be directly affected by the midterm elections.