MRC DisHonors Awards: Eleanor Clift Wins Quote of the Year for Insisting Amb. Stevens Wasn't Murdered

September 26th, 2014 12:51 AM

A raucous crowd of conservatives attending the Media Research Center's 2014 Gala featuring the DisHonors Awards on Thursday evening selected none other than liberal columnist and shameless Obama/Clinton sycophant Eleanor Clift as the recipient of the Quote of the Year for her insistence that Amb. Chris Stevens was not murdered by terrorists because he died, reportedly, of smoke inhalation. She beat out current and former MSNBCers Krystal Ball and Martin Bashir, respectively. 

"Every media organization has investigated this to death. This animates the right-wing of the Republican Party. And I would like to point out that Ambassador [Chris] Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation in the safe room in that CIA installation," Clift told fellow panelists of the May 11 edition of The McLaughlin Group.

By the way, a few days after initially making this statement, Ms. Clift doubled down on that absurd assertion on the Steve Malzberg Show.

You can watch the offending quote here:

That gem also garnered Clift the "Dan Rather Memorial Award for the Most Stupid Analysis" earlier in the evening.

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Here's the video of the selection process for the Quote of the Year: