Olbermann Named Ted Cruz 'Worst Person in the Sports World'...for a Joke

June 5th, 2015 7:23 AM

On his ESPN 2 show, Keith Olbermann decided to mix politics and sports when he named Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz as his “Worst Person in the Sports World.”  This alone makes no sense, as Cruz has nothing to do with the “sports world,” but it’s Keith Olbermann – nothing really makes sense when it comes to him.

As Trent Baker at Breitbart reported, Olbermann decided to take issue with a harmless joke Cruz told when visiting Rep. Jim Lyons in Massachusetts this past weekend.  Cruz opened the conversation by saying, “Tom Brady was framed and I have it on good authority that Hillary Clinton did it….Why do you think she deleted her emails?”  This of course is in reference to the New England Patriots “deflategate” scandal, and Clinton deleting so many emails from her private server.

He started the segment by pointing out that he’s called out other politicians in the past – he would have called Hillary Clinton out for claiming she was a “life-long” Yankees fan, even though she said she was a “life-long” Cubs fan, or when Former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani wore a Red Sox hat.  Olbermann said he doesn’t like it when politicians use sports to their advantage.

Well most of us don’t like it when sports broadcasters use politicians or political issues to their advantage (NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, Mike Lupica, LZ Granderson, Stephen A. Smith to name a few). We would much rather have them stick to whichever sports news or game they are announcing than voicing their political opinions.

Following up on his comment, Olbermann said, “Hey Senator Ted ‘Brady-Was-Framed’ Cruz, Ball-ghazi! That’s 18 years of Senate hearings you can waste money on.”

In my opinion, I find it disrespectful when a “journalist” decides to mock a terrorist attack on the 11th anniversary of September 11 that killed four Americans.  But again, this is Keith Olbermann we are talking about.

Maybe Olbermann just wanted to use Ted Cruz as an excuse to dispel his continued hatred, after all, during “Deflategate” he called for a one year suspension of Brady for his “stupidity.”