Halperin: Dems Happy With Hillary Like Cubans With Their 'Choices'

March 26th, 2015 7:50 PM

Mark Halperin just compared the way Hillary has been foisted on Dem voters to the empty "choices" that Cubans have when it comes to their leaders.

On this evening's With All Due Respect, when Dem strategist Steve McMahon claimed that Dems are happy with "the" choice they have in the person of Hillary,  Halperin retorted "like the way Cuban voters are happy with their choices."

Halperin has a point.  McMahon's mention of "the" choice Dems have sounds an eerily totalitarian ring. 

Sure, the MSM is the MSM and will ultimately fall in line behind the eventual Dem candidate. But despite all her name recognition, money, legion of lackeys, etc., could it be that Hillary has a political glass jaw? That if some credible Dem dared jump in, she might fold like a cheap pantsuit?    

MARK HALPERIN: Steve, how restive are Democrats now in the wake of the eamil flap and other things to say, and the foundation, to say maybe a coronation isn't in the best interest of the party or of Hillary Clinton? We need somebody else in the race? 

STEVE MCMAHON: Actually, you know what? I am not hearing that as much as the press seems to be saying it. You know, Democrats who are out there and pretty happy with the choice we have. They are pretty happy with Hillary Clinton. They think she's earned it. 

HALPERIN: Like the way Cuban voters are happy with their choices. 

MCMAHON: No, no, no, no. Not at all!