Nicolle Wallace: Hillary Email Will Just Turn Out to Be 'Wedding Stuff'

March 5th, 2015 7:49 AM

What's wrong with this picture: Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist being tougher on Hillary than ostensible Republican Nicolle Wallace?

On today's Morning Joe, former W aide Wallace said that Hillary would wind up releasing all her emails and they would just turn out to be "wedding stuff."  Mika had blasted Hillary for setting up her own servers, and Geist politely pointed out that since Hillary didn't have an official account, her emails are bound to contain much more than "wedding stuff." 

Has Nicolle been hanging around The View crowd too long?  What else could account for her  blasé attitude toward a brewing scandal that has even such as Ron Fournier calling for Hillary to consider quitting the race before she even officially enters it?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Her staff got a server at her home and decided to do it their own way. And if they're so busy at home getting their server --

NICOLLE WALLACE: What's the revelation, that the Clintons didn't follow the rules? That the Clintons tried to hide stuff and that the Clintons are now acting like it's a vast right-wing media conspiracy that people want to see it? I think it's so classic, it's almost biblical. I mean, this always happens.

BRZEZINSKI: That doesn't make it not a story; it may be a classic narrative.

WALLACE: I'm not saying it's not a story. I'm just saying we're going to talk about it and then they're all going to get turned over and it's going to be a bunch of wedding stuff. Who did she e-mail that we think we're not going to see?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: How do you know that? 

WALLACE: Well, I'm just saying -- 

. . . 

WILLIE GEIST: Well, they open themselves up to this when they give the 55,000 and not some others. It makes you wonder what's in the other emails. 

BRZEZINSKI: Of course. 

GEIST: And if they didn't have at all that means that she conducted all of her official business. So it's more than wedding stuff.  It's correspondence with leaders and everything else.

Possible second career for Hillary if she chooses not to run?