Omission Watch: Leftists Stage 'Die-In' Over Obama Library In Chicago

January 16th, 2015 9:44 AM

Will the networks cover?
On Tuesday, residents of Chicago’s South Side staged a die-in at Hyde Park Academy High School. But unlike recent demonstrations, these civilians were not protesting any verdict or police action. Instead, they were protesting the University of Chicago’s bid for the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Holding up signs such as “no trauma, no ‘bama,” many residents criticized the university for vying to build a new library while making no real attempt to reopen its trauma center. The closing of the trauma center in 1988 has been linked to an increase mortality rates, as residents of the violence-ridden South and West sides of Chicago face an ambulance ride of at least 10 miles to proper medical care.

"The coalition [of protestors] doesn’t see it as an either/or, but rather it’s a lack of will. It’s a matter of priorities,” Marla Bramble, director of organizing for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, which participated Tuesday night, told The Huffington Post. "We would like to see [the university start making steps to develop the level 1 trauma center.”
Adding fuel to the fire, the University of Chicago recently revealed that it would be seeking to use parkland to build the library if the president selects their bid. It seems that even Rahm Emanuel’s support may not be enough to stem protests about taking away Chicago Park District land to create the Obama Library.
The big question is, will the networks cover protests against the building of a monument to their beloved president?