FLASHBACK: Javier Milei to Tucker: ‘Socialism Is a Violent, Murderous, and Impoverishing Phenomenon’

September 18th, 2023 2:24 PM

Argentinian presidential candidate Javier Milei warned independent journalist Tucker Carlson that fighting the economic catastrophe of socialism is a constant battle. 

During a Sept. 14 interview, Javier Milei said that “Socialism is a violent, murderous, and impoverishing phenomenon” before offering some advice to Americans at Tucker Carlson's request.

Milei was adamant that “we have to raise awareness among the business sector that the masses are necessary” and made the point that those who can afford it have a duty to counter socialist persistence by promoting the “ideals of freedom.”

Milei warned Americans to “Never embrace the ideals of socialism. Never allow yourselves to be seduced by the siren song of social justice. Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need there is a right.” Milei, who is leading in presidential polls following his primary victory in August, went on to urge Americans to “wage a cultural war.”

He described the tactics socialists use to gain power such as “seducing the artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media, or meddling in educational content” before adding that these tactics need to be defunded.



Milei warned that the socialists “will get into the state and use the state to impose a long term agenda that will destroy everything it touches.” He reiterated his call to action for business sector leaders: “So we need a commitment, from all those who create wealth, to fight against socialism, to fight against statism, and to understand that if they fail to do so, the socialists will keep coming.”

Milei went on to explain why the socialists are so persistent in their leftist vendetta against capitalism: 

“Since they try to leech off others, without working, they are tireless in their pursuit. Their leitmotif in life is to live off of others. So they never give up on this mechanism to gain control of others wealth, money, or income. So this battle must be waged unceasingly. We cannot take a day off, because when we rest, socialism creeps in.” 

Earlier in the interview, Carlson asked Milei about the situation in Argentina, questioning how a country like Argentina could suffer from inflation comparable to Lebanon and Zimbabwe. Reuters reported Sept. 14 that Argentina inflation increased a whopping 124 percent in August and “hit its highest level since 1991, stoking a painful cost-of-living crisis in the South American country.

When Carlson asked how Argentinian leaders could support the current system, Javier explained that the decline began in Argentina “over 100 years ago” and compared his country’s decline into socialism to a frog boiled in a pot of water. Milei then cut to the heart of the matter: “Argentina’s embrace of socialist ideas began with an idea that seems attractive, but is actually a terrifying way to operate an economic system.”



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