Univision Anchor on Trump GA Indictment: ‘We Were Waiting For This Day’

August 24th, 2023 10:00 PM

From time to time, we are reminded that Univision acts in a manner reminiscent of a leftwing immigration advocacy PAC with a broadcast license. Today, we have a stark reminder, when a network anchor overstates her enthusiasms on the day of Donald Trump's booking at the Fulton County Jail. 

Watch as anchor Lindsay Casinelli, subbing in on the midday Edición Digital newscast, proclaims that this is the day they'd been waiting for:

LINDSAY CASINELLI: This is your Edición Digital, where you learn about absolutely everything and we're- we were waiting for this day.

“Waiting for this day”.

So as to remove all doubt about what she meant, Casinelli goes on to say a few minutes later:

And I'd said at the beginning of Edición Digital that we'd been waiting for THIS day. Because we already know what's going to happen, Carolina. Former president Donald Trump will surrender.

One expects news delivered by Univision to come with the usual set of deep-seated biases, omissions and misdirections. Despite these low expectations, it is still shocking to hear an anchor say, “we were waiting for this day” as part of their introduction to the newscast on the day Trump is to be booked in a Georgia jail. This one is galling, even by Univision standards.

From a pure news standpoint, a day of newscasts stuffed with Trump porn is a day spent not talking about Biden family corruption, the disastrous response to the Lahaina wildfires, or in Univision's case- men that play with Barbie dolls.

One can only imagine the glee once Univision gets their hands on the now-viral Trump mugshot. 

Unvivision's viewers continue to deserve an alternative.