‘WE LOVE IT’: Univision Gushes Over Mass TPS

September 21st, 2023 9:51 PM

It is well established that Univision often acts in a manner reminiscent of an immigration-advocacy SuperPAC with a broadcast license. Now that Univision is foreign-owned, perhaps open-borders NGO is a more appropriate comparison. Regardless, the network continues to openly cheer anything that keeps the porous southern border open.

Watch as midday anchor Borja Voces squeed over the Biden administration’s announcement of the grant of an 18-month Temporary Protected Status for over 470,000 migrants from Venezuela, as aired on Univision’s midday Edición Digital newscast on September 21st, 2023 (The video and transcript reflect the totality of this report):

BORJA VOCES: Let's start, truth be told, in the best way- the best way you can start today’s newscast. With excellent news, in this case, for thousands of Venezuelans. The Biden administration has expanded the TPS program for those who arrived in the country before July 31st  of this year, and now they will even be eligible to obtain a work permit. But- who benefits and what should they do? I’ll explain it to you.

Well, this rule is approved from September 20th to March 3rd of 2025. And listen to this because we love it: it will benefit over 470,000 Venezuelans. They must prove that they have Venezuelan nationality or that they lived habitually in that country before entering here- into the United States. The program provides protection against deportation over the next 18 months. Those who meet the requirements must request a work permit via form I-765. And as we always say to you, if you need more information we invite you to go to univisionnoticias.com.

“Excellent news!” “We love it!” It is all joy and cheer at the thought of additional people getting immigration relief. Of course, there is no mention whatsoever of the perverse incentives that a massive TPS action might create. There is only elation at the immigration action, and then a very friendly offer to provide additional information. There is no platform on Univision for voices that talk about such blasphemous concepts with regard to immigration policy, such as restraint or enforcement.

Univision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mexican media giant Televisa, is an open-borders NGO masquerading as a news organization that will co-moderate the upcoming Republican presidential debate. The immigration portion of the debate will be very interesting, to say the least.