Politico Was Offended by TMZ 'Stalking' Media-Shy Hillary Over Emails

March 5th, 2015 10:43 PM

The Daily Caller has a piece today looking at how the liberals at Politico looked down on the gossip site TMZ.com for "stalking" Hillary Clinton at a public airport.

Betsy Rothstein of The Daily Caller filed the story:

Politico has never taken a loss too gracefully.

Is the suburban Virginia outlet turning green with jealousy after TMZ kicked this town’s collective ass in getting the first footage of Hillary Clinton being questioned about the email scandal?

In a story Thursday by Kendall Breitman, Politico ran the following headline: ”TMZ Stalks Hillary Clinton.”

Except there’s just one large problem: Was it stalking or simply reporting? Also, is it too much to ask for the Politico reporter to do a simple Google check? She refers to the TMZ photographer as “Colin [no last name given]” because that is how TMZ refers to him in its story. But actually, Colin Drummond has been ambushing lawmakers and celebs in Washington for quite awhile and deserves a last name. 


Politico ultimately changed its headline to something far more accurate.

Right, TMZ asks Hillary Clinton a question.

Which is far more than Politico has been able to accomplish since the email scandal commenced.

Staking out a politician for comment on a story in a public, pre-security portion of an airport is perfectly legitimate for a journalist to do, not "stalking." Were the email scandal one dogging Scott Walker or Rand Paul or Jeb Bush and any of those gentlemen were studiously avoiding the press -- going so far as to NOT take questions at a speaking event honoring the role of a free press -- it's hard to imagine Politico denouncing TMZ like this.