Rebel Flag Gone from Stores, But Nazi, Soviet Paraphernalia Remain

June 24th, 2015 1:47 PM

While the left and its media water carriers celebrate the purging of the Confederate battle flag from the public and private spheres, they’re hyping the decision of retailers to pull Confederate-themed merchandise. But maybe they should take a look at what other ideology-related swag these stores and websites are selling.

Following the South Carolina church shooting, stores including Amazon, Walmart and eBay stopped selling Confederate flag merchandise. Media from USA Today to ABC covered the move as well as the three broadcast networks, with CBS’ Adriana Diaz recognizing the “pressure” that is “mounting in the business community” on June 24.

In defense of the decision, Walmart spokesperson Brian Nick explained his company’s reasoning. "We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer. We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the Confederate flag from our assortment – whether in our stores or on our web site," he told CNN. 

But the stores aren’t afraid of offending everyone.

Amazon sells Swastika covers for Playstation 4, books denying the Holocaust and swastika-decorated knives and pendants.

For Soviet Union fanatics, Amazon advertises hammer and sickle pins, aprons and baby bodysuits

Amazon has something for everyone, offering Satanic goat head pendants and “Hail Satan” wristbands.

Joining Amazon, Walmart sells airplane models, complete with swastikas, and Soviet heavy tank kits.

The chain giant also sells Soviet posters – from Soviet beverage ads to Soviet Boy Scout ads “calling all schoolchildren.”

In addition, Walmart boasts a host of Che Guevara paraphernalia, the mass-murdering communist thug who happened to look good in a beret. Walmart sells a Guevara movie poster, an “urban watercolor” canvas and a print citing Guevara: “the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of love.”

EBay offered concentration camp cash, a good luck swastika pin, a Soviet Union hammer sickle flag, Lenin and Stalin busts.

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