Sarah Silverman 'SNL' Song: 'Jesus Was a Woman'

October 5th, 2014 1:49 PM

For a show so focused on rabid feminism, SNL hardly lived up to expectations last night.

On Oct. 4, comedian Sarah Silverman hosted Saturday Night Live. One of her projects -- a song with SNL's Kate McKinnon -- explained how "there are a lot more women out there than you think," from Marvel's female Thor character, to Bill Maher, to Jesus.

SNL's Michael Che introduced the song, saying, "This week Marvel comics debuted its latest character: a female version of Thor." "Here to comment," he continued, "is the feminist music duo 'Garage and Her.'"

When the spotlight fell on her, Sarah Silverman stressed, "Thor has always been a woman, Michael." "Anyone who has strength," McKinnon added, "is a woman." And, Silverman continued, "Anyone who has a woman." 

"Michael," McKinnon explained, "there are a lot more women out there than you think."

McKinnon and Silverman began their song together before alternating in the verses:

"The wind is a woman, the earth is a woman, fire is a woman, and the clouds are women, too. The girl is a woman, a dog can be a woman, a baby is a lady, and a plant -- a plant can have a boob."

"A shoe can be a woman, the show 'Friends' is a woman, garbanzo bean's a woman, and San Diego, too." 

"Jesus was a woman, Italians are a woman, Walt Disney was a woman, and Pixar -- Pixar is a poem to chew."

"The brand of cat food that I buy is a strong, Christian woman. Milk is a mistress, and the Rubik's cube a queen."

"My guitar is a woman, Bill Maher is a woman, each tapeworm is a woman, and a woman -- a woman is me."