‘They Hate Texas,’ CNBC Contributor Says of New York Times

June 4th, 2015 11:34 AM

The New York Times is just “one big sort of op-ed” that hates Texas, according to CNBC.

Hosts of CNBC’s Squawk Box discussed a New York Times article critical of Texas economy with former Former Dallas Federal Reserve President and current CNBC contributor Richard Fisher on June 4.

The article was cynical about on Texas, prompting a discussion between Fisher and co-host Joe Kernen to say “at least they put it in the op-ed section and it wasn’t put as a fact.” Fisher pointed out that the article wasn’t an op-ed, rather it appeared business section’s front-page.

“Oh, wait a minute, it's like everything else. It's one big sort of op-ed section,” Kernen replied.

“Look, I like The New York Times,” Fisher said. “They hate Texas. I can understand it because their own hometown has done so poorly for so long. So it's jealousy.”

The Times article had claimed Texas’s “economic performance appears considerably less miraculous” recently, but admitted that “Texas still looks like a bright spot in the national economy.” However, the Times suggested this reflected poorly on Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, and other Republicans who hailed “the Texas miracle.”