Hillary, Liberal Media Sites Squirm at Trump's Inconvenient Truths on Immigration and Crime

June 20th, 2015 6:55 PM

The truth hurts, goes the old saying. Nowhere is that better illustrated than in the liberal media’s treatment of Donald Trump’s presidential announcement. Not to mention the reaction of Hillary Clinton.

Mediaite is up in arms about Donald Trump, specifically his views on illegal immigration and Mexico. In his announcement speech Trump had the audacity to say this of illegal immigrants coming over the southern US border:

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people.”

Suffice to say, Mediaite did not approve.  The site headlined a furious story by Matt Wilstein this way:

Trump Doubles Down on Mexican ‘Rapist’ Comments: ‘It’s Common Sense’  

Wilstein opened his piece by saying Trump’s insistence that rapists were crossing the border from Mexico was “outlandish.” It cited a disapproving MSNBC questioner named Kasie Hunt who “confronted” Trump, who then “double-downed” with Mediaite writing it this way:

“They’re sending us not their finest people,” Trump reiterated. “And it’s people from countries other than Mexico also. We have drug dealers coming across, we have rapists, we have killers, we have murderers. I mean it’s common sense, what do you think they’re going to send us their best people, their finest people? The answer is no.”

Then Wilstein went to this column  by Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post. Capehart’s column was headlined:

Donald Trump’s ‘Mexican rapists’ rhetoric will keep the Republican Party out of the White House


Hillary Clinton is incapable of embarrassment. But the embarrassing problem for Wilstein and Capehart and their respective journalistic homes that provided them space for these attacks? In fact, Trump is exactly right. And it doesn’t take long to document, as here:

The Daily Caller, March 12, 2015.  Headline: Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape, Sodomy Of 10-Year-Old Alabama Girl. The story begins:

“An illegal immigrant was arrested Monday in Alabama after sexually assaulting a young girl.

According to reports, Ramiro Ajualip, a 27-year old who entered the country illegally, was accused earlier this week of raping a 10-year old girl on Feb. 27 while he was living with the child’s family.”

What do you think?

The Washington Times, July 6, 2014.  Headline: Two-time illegal immigrant charged with rape in Philly’s sanctuary city. The story begins:

“He could become the Willie Horton of the immigration crisis. Milton Mateo Garcia, 28,  was caught one year ago entering the U.S. illegally across the Mexican border and was deported back to his native Honduras.

But Mr. Garcia soon re-entered the U.S. illegally — federal authorities either don’t know how, or they won’t say. He settled with relatives in Philadelphia where Mayor  Michael Nutter had signed an executive order in April declaring it a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants.

More than 100 communities nationwide have enacted similar policies, with the tacit blessing of the Obama administration….

….Living and working in sanctuary, Mr. Garcia last month, according to police, approached a 26-year-old Philadelphia doctor who was walking to her home in the city’s fashionable Rittenhouse Square neighborhood after a night out with friends. He is accused of forcing the woman into her apartment and raping her repeatedly.

Police said  Mr. Garcia then stole the victim’s cellphone and rode away on his bicycle.”

NBC News 7, San Diego, October 14, 2011. Headline: Illegal Immigrant Raped, Terrorized Girl: Police: Investigators said the suspect was "fixated" on the 12-year-old girl. The story begins:

“Escondido police have arrested an illegal immigrant on charges of raping and molesting a 12-year-old girl in his neighborhood.

Investigators said Jose Manuel Ayala,18, has been "fixated" on the girl since August.”

HNGN  links to WWL-TV (CBS New Orleans affiliate) April 20, 2015. Headline: Illegal Immigrant Raped Girlfriend's 10-Year-Old Daughter Three Times, Police Say. The story begins:

“A 25-year-old man has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape for allegedly having sex with a 10-year-old girl, according to police.

Kenner Police said that Hermes Rivera is an undocumented immigrant living in Kenner.”

One could go on and on. Trump says drug dealers are coming across the border. They are, as documented here:

Washington Times, August 1, 2013. Headline: With bombs away, drug traffickers and illegal immigrants make their play: Crossings are easy on land banned to federal patrol. The story says:

“Crossing a bombing range doesn’t seem to make sense at any time — but in the Southwest, the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range has become a key route for drugs and illegal immigrants looking to avoid detection as they make the trek into the U.S.

…The area is used so commonly by drug gangs that it is known in the region as the “Goldwater East Tactical Range Smuggling Corridor.”

Breitbart, October 13, 2014.  Headline: Drug Cartels Turn Illegal Immigrants Quest for the American Dream into a Nightmare. The story begins:

“MCALLEN, Texas — The recent immigration surge in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley where thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America came across the border en masse exposed a deep dark secret that victimized people all across the continent.

Unbeknownst to most, drug cartels in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas and in South Texas had taken control of the human smuggling routes having diversified their criminal activities to not only include the transport of drugs but also human smuggling and a myriad of other activities that turned the quest for the American dream into a horrifying nightmare.
The court records read like horror stories, women and girls getting raped by multiple men along the way, decrepit houses with subhuman conditions, minimal food and water, kidnappings for ransom and gruesome acts of torture all await the hopeful illegal immigrant wanting to make his way north.”

Breitbart, January 23, 2015.  Headline: Illegal Immigrant Free on Bond Allegedly Murders Store Clerk. The story begins:

“An illegal immigrant—who video surveillance reportedly shows calmly murdering a young store clerk in order to steal a box of cigarettes—was already out on bond from U.S. Immigration services and even had a previous conviction from which he had received no jail time.”

On….and on and on….go the stories like these that are easy to document and verify every single word that Trump has said.  Yet there is Hillary Clinton out there saying that on the one hand America has “to have a candid national conversation about race, and about discrimination, hatred, prejudice…”. But when Trump does just that? Mrs. Clinton wants him to be quiet, saying of Trump without naming him: “…a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans. Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.”

Realizing that the context for her remarks were the Charleston shootings, one can only be appalled that in effect she is trying in some fashion to pin the blame for that on - of all people - Trump. It didn’t take long for Trump to respond to Clinton, either - here at Instagram calling her attack “pretty pathetic,” an understatement.

One gets the sensation in hearing from Hillary and reading the outraged Trump media critics that the response to Trump on this issue is not unlike President Obama’s refusal to use the words “Islamic  radicals” or “Islamic terrorism.” To wit: if one just doesn’t admit the truth somehow the problem will go away.

Take of note an interesting media curiosity here. The above story about the illegal immigrant in Kenner, Louisiana who raped the ten-year old girl is to be found on HNGN, a headline news service that accurately headlines the words “illegal immigrant” in the headline and in the opening paragraph. It links to the story posted by the CBS New Orleans affiliate - which refuses to use the words “illegal immigrant” in its headline, replacing it with “man.” The story itself refuses to give the subject’s status until the second paragraph - and then calls him an “undocumented immigrant” rather than an “illegal immigrant.”  In other words, political correctness has infected the CBS New Orleans affiliate.

This should be embarrassing, although don’t look for any Brian Williams-style mea culpas from either Clinton or the rest. In the haste to whack Donald Trump Mediaite’s Wilstein and the Washington Post’s Capehart tried to imply that what Trump was saying was somehow bizarre - “outlandish” to use Wilstein’s words. Or, in Capehart’s case, Trump was playing to “far-right Republican primary voters desperately clinging to an America that no longer exists.”

Not only was there nothing really “outlandish” in what Trump said about immigration and crime, but one can only be astonished at the notion Capehart believes the future of America is rape, drug-running and murder - and that somehow one is a far-right winger if one raises a voice in protest. Even more telling is the unspoken assumption that somehow Latinos can’t be expected to act responsibly, so why bother? Wow. In a snapshot there is the ancient left-wing view of race.

In fact, as these stories demonstrate, Trump was exactly right if deeply politically incorrect. There are indeed illegal immigrants coming across the Mexican border and, once here, committing rape. Smuggling drugs. Committing murder. As the above stories indicate -- and they are far, far from alone -- this is literal, repeatedly documented fact -- that the liberal media avoid.

If the liberal media, not to mention Hillary Clinton, are going to take Trump on, they should probably have a grasp of whether what he says is factually true or not. As it is, Mediaite and the Washington Post writers have written up Trump’s entry by simply ridiculing what are, to borrow from Al Gore,  Trump’s “inconvenient truths.” Inconvenient truths that Mrs. Clinton dare not mention and the rest cannot admit without admitting that the liberal world view is in fact a fraud with a heavy dependency on playing the race card.  But inconvenient truth or not, it doesn’t make what Trump is saying any less true. For a reason.  

He told the truth. And neither Hillary Clinton or liberals in the media like it one bit.