Nearly 2,000 of Rachel Maddow's Facebook Fans Want Ted Cruz to Plunge to His Death

December 16th, 2014 12:44 PM

What is it about GOP Senator Ted Cruz that brings out such vitriol from liberals? Look no further for solid evidence that the man is seen as a threat.

Over at the Facebook page for Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show, a post was published Monday by MaddowBlog writer Steve Benen titled, "Senate Dems find an unwitting ally in Ted Cruz," about Cruz and fellow Republican Senator Mike Lee forcing the Senate to work on Saturday (poor babies!) to push through votes on the constitutionality and funding of President Obama's amnesty for illegals. 

What's disturbing is not what Benen wrote, but what Maddow's fans on Facebook did in response.

The Facebook post began with these two lines, then linked to Benen's column at MaddowBlog itself --

Senate Democrats received an early Christmas present over the weekend from an unlikely benefactor: Ted Cruz.

The far-right Texas Republican stumbled badly, largely because he just didn't know what he was doing.

This led a Facebook user who identifies herself as Anne Rodman to comment, "While he was stumbling, couldn't he have discovered an open elevator shaft?

Funny stuff, huh?!

Seeing how there are more than 1,800 comments in response to the post, Rodman's comment could easily get overlooked except for one thing -- it is by far the most popular of all the comments. As of last count this morning, 1,915 other Facebook users at the Maddow page also "like" Rodman's sentiment.

Next most popular, Kare Morelli's observation that "(Cruz) makes a clump of mud look brilliant," was hit with 1,281 likes. These people are hysterical!

Isn't this the same crowd that's always deploring violence and demanding ever-deepening empathy toward all -- or else?

Rodman's alleged humor also generated the most replies of any comment. To lack of wit, a sampling --

Oh what a joy that would be!

That was hilarious!! You win!!

Hahahah good one ms rodman

LMAO ... the visual was great

Or a long staircase in front of the media cameras!!!!

You madame, are genius

Love that Anne !

I think I love you for the comment Anne

The best!

Bwahahahah ... Love you humor! that was hilarious !!!

We need more elevator shafts !!

I just lol in a meeting

I think that would have been too much to hope for, Anne

That would be a Merry Christmas!


Anne Rodman wins the internet today!

There was also pushback in reaction to Rodman's fantasy for Cruz's premature demise, though the dissent was a tiny fraction of the discussion, as so often the case when liberals converse --

Just like you sick liberals, always wishing death on those you disagree with. You're partially excused because as we all know, liberalism is a severe mental disorder.

I can find common ground with the right. I, too, find comments about physical harm or death inappropriate in the context of political debate.

... and @Anne Rodman this is a perfect example of why Liberalism is viewed as a Mental Illness. You wish death on someone because you disagree with their politics. Oh yeah -- you Libs are all about social justice and peace right ? Hypocrite

That last comment drew a retort from Rodman, who wrote that "you and your boys blather on about lynching, prosecuting, or somehow deposing the President of the United States because you can't handle his skin color, so let's agree to be 0-0 on the fantasy moral ground. In truth, most of us only wish Cruz would go back to Canada, though they don't seem to be crying out for him."

Put another way -- share my politics or get the hell out. Seeing how we're all about "inclusion."

(h/t, Amy Ridenour)