Mark Levin Slams Lois Lerner and Husband as 'Flat-Out' Liars for Bogus Claim About His Radio Callers

September 24th, 2014 4:20 PM

Even though she's long gone from the Internal Revenue Service, former director Lois Lerner is still targeting conservatives. More specifically, it's callers to Mark Levin's radio show, and by extension Levin himself, who Lerner and her husband are besmirching.

Mrs. Lerner pleaded the Fifth when testifying before Congress about abusive IRS tactics during the Obama regime in singling out and thwarting conservative non-profits, but she found a more receptive audience during an interview with Politico in which Levin's radio program was mentioned.

Levin, a widely respected constitutional scholar, author and lawyer who once served as Reagan attorney general Edwin Meese's chief of staff, found the Lerners' citing of his show both preposterous and detestable (audio) --

So it is very peculiar indeed that Lois Lerner and her husband would be listening to this program, or at least her husband, and getting out of the program that you, my beloved audience, have been calling into this show, talking about stockpiling food and guns. Now I know some shows and some hosts wish that they were mentioned in these articles. I don't like it, because it's a lie from beginning to end, and she's a liar from start to finish. Maybe there's some Internet shows that do this, maybe there's a couple big mouths on the terrestrial radio or satellite that do this, I don't do this. I believe in the Second Amendment, I believe you should be armed, to defend your family, Obama or no Obama. But the idea that now somehow I and you were involved in, you know, starting this scandal is so preposterous.

You know, as a matter of fact, as many of you know who've listened to this program over the years, Landmark Legal Foundation, my little conservative legal foundation, I'm so proud of the lawyers there, we're the ones that initiated this investigation through our contact with the Inspector General office for Tax Administration at the Treasury Department.

We had a couple of members of Congress who wrote these pathetic, superficial letters to the IRS and then drop the ball, even though they run these committees. But we had somebody contact us, tell us they're not getting responses from Capitol Hill, they're not getting help from other legal groups that have now all jumped into this. And I said specifically, well, I know what we need to do, we need to contact the Tax Administration unit, the Inspector General's office, Treasury, 'cause the IRS itself is not going to do a damn thing!

So now we've come full circle. In Politico, you'd expect it, Lois Lerner accusing you in my audience of being the reason she wrote that email to her husband about talk radio crazies and a-holes, 'cause her husband was listening to this program, hearing people talking about stockpiling food and guns. Now, is it ironic at all that she's talking to Politico but won't talk to Congress? That she pleads the Fifth? Does that sound like somebody who wants to tell the truth? She has every constitutional right to do it. That's not the point, is it? Of course she wouldn't talk about the substance at all 'cause she's been lawyered. But this is the most corrupt Internal Revenue Service ever, ever. The most corrupt Justic Department, if not ever, certainly among the top two or three.

And so the Justice Department will not conduct a serious or fulsome criminal investigation into this woman and they're either hacks and political partisans over at the IRS. Obama will not direct his attorney general to appoint a special counsel because Obama's a cover-up artist too.

But let us just be clear, and I have to underscore this 'cause it's in the third paragraph of the article (third paragraph on second page) -- "The couple said the exchange was taken entirely out of context," you know, when she calls you crazies and a-holes, "Miles (Lerner's husband) wrote the email after listening to callers on the Mark Levin show rant about stockpiling food and guns to fight because Obama was going to run the country into the ground."

That's a flat-out lie. Maybe there was one caller or two callers but I dismissed them quickly. A flat-out lie. And every Tom, Dick and Harry is commenting on this article but somehow, Mr. Producer (Levin referring to one of his radio show employees), they didn't see paragraph three. That's the nature of this business. A lot of backstabbing, a lot of plagiarism, but that's the way it is.

Listen to Levin's radio show, though many people reading this surely already do, and you'll see that he's being truthful. Levin rarely gets that kind of caller, as anyone already familiar with his show is aware. The Lerners casually lumping Levin's audience with fringe fanatics is an example of the persistent liberal unwillingness to distinguish between conservatives, who want limits on government power, and anarchists, who want no government at all.

Liberal media watchdogs could try to prove Levin wrong, but they'd waste countless hours of monitoring in the process. On the bright side, they'd be treated to one of the most erudite and passionate voices in radio.