That Escalated Quickly! Fox Business and CNBC Reporters Fight on Twitter

November 7th, 2014 5:35 PM

On Friday, CNBC’s Ron Insana and Fox Business News Charles Gasparino engaged in a Twitter fight that included cheap shots like “you will always be a fat slob i’d smack u silly but it wld be considered child abuse” from Gasparino and comebacks from Insana like “you shall remain a single-source shill for whomever whispers in your ear. As for the smack down, not worried.”

The whole Twitter feud (all of it captured here by Mediaite’s Matt Wilstein) seemed like it was on the verge of spilling over into an Anchorman-like rumble between rival business news networks. Gasparino even brought the feud to the FBN airwaves when he discussed the online fight on the November 7 edition of FBN’s Countdown to the Closing Bell. 

The fight began when Insana tweeted his reaction to this magazine ad featuring Gasparino. 

The following are just a few of the exchanges. Mediaites Wilstein has the full back and forth here.