Comically Degenerate: Would-be Kavanaugh Assassin a ‘Sissy Slave,’ ‘Trans Gamer Girl’

August 12th, 2022 1:48 PM

No surprise that the kinds of people that would attempt to assassinate Supreme Court justices would also be into some pretty depraved things online. Town Hall reported August 10 that the would-be Kavanaugh assassin was, on the website Reddit, “Sophie, the trans gamer girl.” Really.

In investigating Nicholas John Roske, the FBI “identified several Reddit accounts Roske operated in recent years — one of which the suspect used to embrace his transexual "femme" and submissive "sissy slave" persona, according to the search warrant applications filed in federal court,” said TownHall. 

The Kavanaugh assassin was a degenerate leftist? Who would have thought?Shot outside Kavanuagh's Residence

But, unfortunately, there’s more. It seems that he wrote in a Reddit post saying that he was struggling with a depressive disorder. Townhall said, “In the pair's latest session, the counselor observed his patient's ‘steadily declining mental state’ and advised Roske to return to taking medicine to help remedy his ‘existential angst.’ A year prior, Roske questioned on Reddit if medication helps with ‘intellectual anxiety.’”

Yeah, if the weird sexual fetish stuff didn’t already indicate his declining mental state, then this is the nail in the coffin.

The Reddit account u/AmericanNick was also Roske and was active on “r/GamerPals” identifying himself as a “trans gamer girl seeking friend,” and he introduced himself as “Sophie”, his female alter ego. He was also, in a separate Reddit community, “scouting for ‘play partners’,” and described himself as someone “pretty kinky,” said Town Hall. 

Leftism is a mental illness, plain and simple. It’s pure brain rot that can get people to attempt assassinating a SCOTUS justice in the name of killing babies.

God bless America because we need Him now more than ever.