Impact Idiocy: Instagram Account Full of Worst Liberal Takes You’ve Ever Seen

August 11th, 2022 10:22 AM

One might think that the worst of online leftism can be found on Twitter, but you’d be wrong. Instagram is home to a plethora of sharable infographics that serve to propagate the woke orthodoxy to as many young minds as possible. Specifically, the account Impact has some of the most hilariously bad takes in the world of lefty infographic drivel. 

Seven out of 10 people aged 18-29 use Instagram, and the platform is relatively on par with Twitter in serving as a news source, according to Pew Research Center. Instagram is a broad, direct avenue for ideas to be disseminated to the youth.An iPhone opening Instagram on the App Store 

Here are some examples of the aforementioned “liberal infographic drivel,”  that gain lots of love from the left on Instagram and regularly infect feeds



A post shared by Impact (@impact)


If you need a minute to bleach your eyes, have at it. But this is the kind of ground-breaking content posted regularly on Impact, and shared profusely by others.



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No, a 3-year-old cannot be trans. Stop pushing this demonic nonsense. It’s not merciful or compassionate to affirm a child’s delusional beliefs. That’s what gender dysphoria is, a deeply ingrained and extremely tragic delusion about one’s gender.



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Not only do they post horrible takes, they also post straight-up child abuse. Yes! Your child is a boy, and boys do not wear makeup like girls do. It’s clear this woman is infected with the gender delusion and is projecting it onto her innocent son.

There’s even more for you to peruse on their Instagram page in case you feel like raising your blood pressure. Impact and accounts like it run amok on the website, and are a large part in how propaganda gets out to young people. It’s time we take these accounts to task, and spread awareness of their influence on young people’s political and cultural views.