NY Times Op-Ed Says Anti-Woke Catholicism is Hip. Lefties Fume.

August 10th, 2022 9:44 AM

Catholicism is shaping up to be a large conservative force in the United States, and people are taking notice. In a recent New York Times opinion piece, First Things Editor Julia Yost says that Catholicism's rebellion against modern woke ideas of morality gives it a “transgressive” and “hip” perception. Both left-wingers and faithful Catholics are stirring conversations about the article on Twitter.Catholic Church during off hours

The article details the rise of Catholicism in the “Dimes Square” area of NYC, and its embrace of staunch Catholicism by some of its residents. Yost positions Catholics' role in society as in opposition to liberal morality:

“Catholicism again stands athwart political progress and norms governing sex and gender. It violates a liberal-progressive dispensation that many young Americans find both malign and banal,” and “For reasons substantive or stylistic, it is possible to prefer a system in which our moral obligations are not exhausted by the avoidance of wrongthink on race and patriarchy.”

Definitely not NYT material in this op-ed, and libs were mad. Take a look:

Do they realize that their personal experiences do not define the entirety of the good that Catholicism has done for the world? The cognitive bias is strong with these ones. 

The article even got a shoutout from Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire, praising its writing: