Child Abuse: Mother of 1-Year-Old Asks 'Trans Kids' Facebook Group if Son is Trans

August 3rd, 2022 1:47 PM

The new order has set new guidelines for raising your kid so that you might not, God forbid, assign them as a “boy” or a “girl.” Some parents are taking matters into their own hands, by grooming their kids to be trans, as a mother posted on a “Trans Kids” Facebook group inquiring to other users whether or not her son is really a girl, as this Twitter thread posted August 2 showed. 

The mother made a Facebook post, musing that her son might be a daughter because he’s “shown interest in stereotypically feminine things ‘from birth’ like ‘long hair and pretty dresses and pink,’” per the Twitter thread. She also said in her FB post that she, “will no longer say terms with boy in it to him.”

According to the accompanying Substack article from Christina Buttons and Colin Wright in the Twitter thread, this mother of three children started posting about her almost 2-year-old child “getting upset” when she used the term “boy” around him. To back up her claim, she posted this video in which she asked her son if he's “her boy”, and was met with silence. 

Leave it to dopey liberals to interpret a one-year-old’s silence as evidence enough to raise him as a girl. 

How did we get here?

She further ‘backs up’ her claims with evidence that her son plays with dolls. She infers that her son is playing with these dolls for a reason, that reason being that her son is actually a girl. She is legitimately trying to read intent into an infant’s actions. 

She dressed her son in a bow, and when the baby smiled because of it, she took it as more confirmation bias to her asinine claim, according to the Facebook posts. Since six months-old, she’s been buying him skirts and stereotypically feminine infant wear, said the substack article. 

Clearly, she’s the only one that needs to be questioned. Her son doesn’t need to be questioning anything, especially not his clear-cut gender.