Walmart Announces New Pride Collection: ‘Queer People Have Magic’

May 23rd, 2024 11:07 AM

Who’s ready for the nation to be covered in rainbows again this year?

Apparently Walmart is, as it just released its newest collection for its gay clothing options this pride month. While the store seemed elated about its new clothes, users on social media, who are arguably tired of woke crap being literally everywhere, blasted not only the collection but Walmart as a whole.

The video advertisement, which was shared on Walmart’s Instagram page, showed queer people gathered all together for a photo shoot. “Queer people have magic that we can share,” a man said at the start of the 30-second ad which also showcased items like a tote bag that had the words “totes gay” on it.

“We’re lucky enough to be in the Walmart Pride collection this year,” two other queers said cheerfully before noting that it was a “dream come true.”

Other items were presented throughout the ad like a T-shirt that had the words “born this gay” on the front of it, a rainbow throw blanket, and a journal with skeletons barfing up rainbows and the words “beyond gender” written on it.

“The world needs to hear what you have to say and your story,” another queer said in the video which, on Instagram, now has more than 62,000 views.

It looks like there are at least six collabs with queer designers and Walmart for Pride 2024. Aside from the items in the ad, Walmart is selling a card that reads “I love my 2 moms,” a lot of vibrant colored rainbow merchandise that looks like it was made by a kindergartener and a mug that lists the days of the week but changes the letters “day” to “gay” (Sungay, Mongay, Tuesgay, etc.)

On X, various users shared a recording of Walmart’s ad and nobody seemed to appreciate the new items and initiatives.

“Walmart apparently didn’t learn a lesson from Target. We are sick of the propaganda being forced upon our kids in every single aspect of their lives!! Walmart is also known for sponsoring many d*ag and pride events for kids,” Libs of TikTok said. 

A different user wrote, “It’s not even June 1st yet, but @Walmart thinks ‘queer people have magic’ and have no problem selling merch that perpetuates the lie that a child can choose their ‘gender.’”

Others said things like “Walmart is disgusting” and “another reason why I don’t shop there ever.”

Oli London, who is very outspoken against grooming kids, noted on X that one of the LGBTQ designers was “very excited to use it with my kids,” when talking about the queer notebook that had “beyond gender” on it.

What’s odd is that Walmart’s pride collection comes at a time where Target has decided to reel things in a tad given how poorly received some of its pride/progressive merchandise was. Apparently Walmart is undaunted by “get woke, go broke” but honestly, given the responses to its latest initiative, I think it should be.