RFK Jr. Admits to Supporting ‘Full Term’ Abortion

May 9th, 2024 3:52 PM

It’s absolutely jaw dropping to me that people openly support what can be summed up as nothing less than infanticide.

In an interview with podcaster Sage Steele, Democratic Presidential nominee Robert Kennedy Jr. was asked about his ideas when it comes to abortion restrictions. Kennedy, very confidently, insisted that all abortion decisions should be made by a mother and that he supports abortion “even if it’s full term.”

The interview, released Wednesday as part of The Sage Steele Show, already has over 21,000 views on YouTube. LifeNews.com released a less than 30 second clip of the show and it already has more than 154,000 views on X with hundreds of retweets and comments.

Steele asked if Kennedy, if elected, would keep abortion laws at the federal level as is, “Keeping it as is, with Roe versus Wade having being overturned and leaving it up to the states to determine if and when a woman can have an abortion?”

“No, I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” Kennedy said. “We should leave it to the woman,” he added, a few moments later insisting that he’d not place any federal protections on innocent life but rather leave it up to a woman. “We shouldn’t have government involved,” he said.

Steele pushed back in order to get Kennedy to clarify his stance: “Even if it’s full term?”

What Kennedy said next shocked me. “Even if it’s full term,” he said, meaning that he’d support a woman’s decision to abort her child, even if it is fully formed and merely a few inches up the birth canal.

LifeNews.com did indicate that even though Kennedy claims that he “may not support late-term abortions personally, his answer makes it crystal clear that his political policy would allow late-term abortions with no limits.”

In response to the clip, many pro-lifers were stunned and heartbroken.

Sean Feucht, a Christian singer who recently led worship at a pro-Israel march said, “No Bible-believing, Jesus-following Christian should come remotely close to endorsing this guy for President.”

TPUSA president Charlie Kirk said RFK Jr. was “affirming his commitment to China-style full-term abortion, without limits, nationwide.”

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts shared that sentiment when he said, “The real radicals on abortion are those, like Robert Kennedy, who support full-term abortion. What a grotesque and evil concept.”

I pray for the day that pro-aborts either wake up or stop ignoring the realities of what abortion is. Until then, that population, the most vulnerable population in our society, is under eminent risk with mindsets like Kennedy’s.