Pro-Israel Protestors Rally & March Outside USC Campus: ‘Bring Them Home’

May 9th, 2024 1:37 PM

Pro-Israel students at the University of Southern California (USC) gathered together on Wednesday to march for the return of the innocent Israelis still held captive by Hamas, standing in stark contrast to the pro-Palestine protests that have erupted across college campuses around the nation, wreaking havoc, causing graduation ceremony cancellations, and bringing violence to school grounds.

Pursuit Church teamed up with Christian worship artist Sean Feucht to hold the “United for Israel March” on Wednesday, where hundreds of both local and traveling pro-Israel marchers gathered by USC to stand in solidarity with those who lost their lives on October 7, as well as those still being held by Hamas terrorists.

Feucht led worship songs at the start of the event before the march began. Later, marchers gathered outside the front gates of USC as the school's four-day long graduation ceremony series began.

USC students in particular have been relatively vocal about their anti-Israel stance. In April more than 90 people were arrested during a protest at the campus after setting up illegal encampments on the school grounds. During the same month, USC even canceled its official commencement ceremony amid concerns of violence and noted that the valedictorian speech, which was set to be given by an outwardly pro-Palestine activist, was canceled, too. In the same vein, back in November, a Jewish professor at USC was banned from teaching on campus for the rest of the fall semester after comments he made against Hamas went viral.

Hence why the location of this rally was of vital importance.

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Rally-goers peacefully raised their hands to God and prayed for His protection over the Israeli citizens prior to the march.

“The significance of us gathering on this University campus is to say, 'anti-semitism will be defeated,'" Feucht told the crowd before launching into a chant of, “Jewish hate must go!”

Attendees included both Jews and Christians.

USC 🚨: A Christian converted Muslim man from Iran, and Christian converted Jewish woman from Israel take communion together in symbolic peace between Muslims and Jews, and prayer said over the Middle East.

— Anthony Cabassa (@AnthonyCabassa_) May 9, 2024

When the singing and prayer ended, attendees began marching down the streets of Los Angeles chanting things like, "Bring them home” while carrying both the Israeli and American flags.  

Your daily dose of good news:

At USC hundreds of pro israel supporters march at usc after an pro palestinian encampment was removed. Quite a difference with your average pro hamas crowd

— Brian BJ (@iamBrianBJ) May 9, 2024

A plane even flew over the University with a banner behind it that read, “Israel is forever. Jewish Lives Matter.”

Staff and members of the group Concerned Women for America, which seeks to "protect and promote Biblical values and Constitutional principles through prayer, education, and advocacy," attended the event and held signs that read “CWA Stands with Israel!”

Paige Nelson, CWA’s Executive Assistant to the VP and Development Project Manager, issued a statement to MRCTV after attending the event herself:

It is no secret that since October 7, 2023, antisemitism in the United States has spiked, specifically targeting Jewish students and faculty at some of our most esteemed institutions. Pro-Hamas protests are breaking out, coating these campuses in violence and hysteria, and creating dangerous environments for the Jewish community to exist. Yesterday’s march was the complete opposite and a testament to our God not being finished with His people. Christians and Jews gathered together in prayer and worship - acknowledging that we serve the same good Father and have power in numbers. The march was filled with joy and laughter, unity and peace. There were no arrests, blocking traffic, or disgracing the American flag. Instead, hundreds gathered to show support for our Jewish brothers and sisters and to spread the good news that our Lord has already won the battle, He has conquered death, and that He will not give up on the promised land.

This event stands in stark contrast to the types of protests taking place across the nation, where pro-Hamas students and demonstrators have set up camp at various schools calling to "liberate" Palestine.

“Hamas is Me! Hamas is You! Hamas is our Family,” one black supremacist at George Washington University yelled on Tuesday before pledging to destroy Israel. Students from Princeton went on what they called a “hunger strike,” voluntarily denying themselves food in an attempt to show their solidarity with Gaza, and the Latino Institute at UCLA attempted to place blame on police officers for terminating their violent and outrageous protests - and that’s all within just the last week.

Like Nelson said, the violence many of the pro-Gaza protestors exude is not necessary, as demonstrated by the pro-Israel group.

“There were no arrests, blocking traffic, or disgracing the American flag,” she said about Wednesday’s march.

Maybe those pro-Palestine protestors should take a look at how advocating for what you believe in should actually be done.

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