Portland Church Vandals Make 252nd Attack on Catholic Church Since Dobbs Leak

May 1st, 2024 11:28 AM

Pro-aborts vandalized the St. Patrick’s Church in Portland, Oregon over the weekend making it the 252nd attack on the Catholic Church since the Dobbs decision was leaked in 2022. This is part of the left’s ongoing effort to proclaim that they want Roe reinstated and the option to kill innocent, pre-born babies at their leisure.

Catholic church-goers were met with the messaging when heading to services at St. Patrick’s Church in Portland for Sunday mass. 

“FUCK U My body My choice,” was spray painted on the once beautiful doors to the church as well as on the concrete outside the building, according to images shared on X by journalist Andy Ngo.

Last week Catholic Vote reported on the 249th attack on a Catholic Church since the Dobbs leak. In Oklahoma, a suspect broke a statue of the Virgin Mary and one of the Holy Family at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Muskogee.

According to CatholicVote’s violence tracker, there have been at least 252 attacks perpetrated against Catholic churches since May 2022 and there have been 417 attacks against Catholic churches in the United States since May 28, 2020.

The list doesn’t incorporate violence against Christian churches or pregnancy centers, but I suspect that if it did, the number would be close to double since anyone who affirms the Bible’s stance on the sanctity of life has been under attack for years. The list does however show the gravity of this situation and how pro-aborts, unsurprisingly, turn to violence and aggression to show that they support abortion --- just like this weekend over in Portland.

Ngo noted that the doors have been cleaned but are now bleach stained since they needed to be deeply scrubbed from the black spray paint.

In response, some users called on the FBI in Portland to find and charge the vandals. “Maybe when you’re done arresting grandma for going for a walk you can arrest these people,” a user wrote, “a house of worship is a safe haven for pro life.”

A different user noted that this was “heartbreaking” while another called the vandal(s) “soulless ghouls.”

“If something like this was done to an abortion clinic it would declared domestic terrorism or a RICO violation. This act should be treated the same,” one more wrote on Ngo’s post.

We’re about to reach two full years since the Dobbs decision was leaked and this sort of violence started. My hope and prayer is that it not only stops but that hearts are changed and minds are woken up to the realities of what abortion is.