Media Ignore Liberty University's Massive Pro-Israel Rally

April 26th, 2024 1:48 PM

Hundreds of pro-Hamas protests have erupted at college campuses throughout the country in the months since the terrorist group attacked innocent Israeli citizens on October 7. And the media have been consistent in reporting on anti-Israeli voices and outcries as a way of encouraging more students and protestors to act the same

This week, as contrast, the private Christian school Liberty University held a massive prayer vigil for the people of Israel - and the media couldn’t care less.

It’s obvious where they stand in this debate.

Liberty University held its event on the campus’ Academic Lawn on Wednesday night, where a huge crowd of students stood together to pray, worship, and read the Bible.

Here’s what Liberty’s chancellor told Fox News Digital:

While so many campuses are erupting in anger, hatred and violence; it is refreshing to see the students at Liberty University reflecting the love of Christ as we are commanded to do by Scripture. Jesus clearly tells us to love, and it is so telling that in higher education today, it seems as if some of the only places where love is being displayed are from the campuses of Christian universities like Liberty University.

“We do this because Christ is King and today He is seated at the right hand of the Father!” - @jonathanfalwell

I’m eternally grateful for the leadership at @LibertyU and their constant commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Truth of God’s Word!

— Jesse Hughes ✝️🇺🇸 (@JesseHughesNC) April 26, 2024

The students at Liberty University stand in stark contrast to students at other schools.

Recently we’ve seen pro-Palestine terrorism apologists praise Hamas and advocate in every way shape and form against innocent Israeli lives. including threatening Jewish students on American campuses.

On April 23, a group of young protestors shouted in support of Hamas rockets being fired on Israeli citizens, chanting, “Al-Qasam you make us proud, take another settler out," before screaming."Tell Hamas we love you, we support your rockets too!”

Student-led demonstrators at Columbia University called for the murder of innocent Jewish students while other students from the school danced around with red strings as a form of “solidarity” with Palestinians. One of the Columbia protest leaders said during a live-streamed school meeting back in January that “Zionists don’t deserve to live," and that he'll kill them if he has to.

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The violence at these schools has also not gone unnoticed. The University of Southern California even canceled the official commencement portion of their graduation amid the violence concerns.

MRCTV’s Managing Editor Brittany Hughes released an episode of The Brittany Hughes Show this week with more in-depth analysis the anti-Israeli hate and called all these acts part of “seeing the destruction of America in real time.”

While all this is happening, the media are incredibly partial in their reporting. They said nothing about Liberty’s prayer vigil for Israel, but are covering everything under the sun when it comes to universities proclaiming their support of Palestine and Hamas. Yet, the media are not necessarily condemning the violence, rather just amplifying the voices.

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