Pro-Lifers Face 10.5 Years For Praying, Gaza Protestors? Less Than 3

April 17th, 2024 8:16 AM

A shocking but true side-by-side comparison was made by the group End Wokeness on X Monday evening. The account pointed out that there's been dozens of traffic stops and backups for Gaza protestors that have been allowed, while at the same time numerous pro-life individuals are stuck in jail, some facing up to 11 years in prison after praying outside of an abortion clinic.

If this doesn’t show you who and what our nation values and prioritizes, I don’t know what will.

Ever since Hamas terrorists attacked innocent Israelis last October, a group of protestors who likely don’t even know what they’re fighting for have been protesting by standing or sitting in front of traffic. Similar to how the climate warriors cement themselves to the middle of the street, many pro-Hamas individuals and groups park their social justice warrior booties in front of moving cars.

Most recently, a group of Gaza war protestors shut down the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California and stopped traffic for around five hours on Monday. Their sign read “stop the world for Gaza” and they used other cars and chained themselves together to block travel lanes on the bridge.

NBC Bay Area reported that the protest began around 7:30 a.m. and it wasn’t until after noon that cars were able to start moving again.

This wasn't productive and just made everyone irritated and angry that they were late to work — like hours late.

A similar demonstration was conducted in New York when Gaza war protestors blocked the Brooklyn Bridge, in Chicago when they obstructed traffic to O’Hare International Airport and at the expressway that led to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington.

From the San Francisco protest, 26 individuals were arrested and face charges of conspiracy as well as vehicle violations like false imprisonment for drivers who were trapped. Even if the individuals were charged with a felony for false imprisonment, it looks like they’d only be in jail for a maximum sentence of three years.

It’s likely our justice system will let them off very easy since they have a tendency to favor leftists, even if they are breaking the law.

On the other hand, many pro-lifers are being held in jail for peacefully praying outside of an abortion clinic. 

In January, six pro-lifers were found guilty of violating the FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act after quietly praying, singing hymns and encouraging women to not abort their kids at a Tennessee abortion facility in 2021. Those activists now face up to 10.5 years in prison, depending on their sentencing results.

If that wasn't enough, the DOJ has targeted and arrested pro-lifers for praying while at the same time, allowing pro-abort vandals who paint graffiti, throw eggs, and firebomb buildings to walk away without penalty.

What’s frustrating is that our justice system isn’t being just. Those bridge protestors should have been dragged off the road immediately and not just stared at while they conducted their pointless plea for attention. And, those pro-lifers shouldn’t be going to jail for the next 10.5 years of their life for PRAYING for innocent babies.

This is some twisted crap.