Researcher Concludes Women Who are Married & Mothers Are Happier

April 10th, 2024 4:47 PM

The tides are freaking turning. 

Our culture has exhausted itself trying to prove that women have to be single, have to have high paying jobs and can't settle down and start a family. That, however, doesn't seem to bring them happiness.

Dr. Wendy Wang, Director of Research at the Institute for Family Studies, concluded that after studying relationships for 20-years, marriage and having children makes women happier, in an exclusive piece for Daily Mail.

Wang noted that “around a third of all adult women suffer some sort of mental health problem, compared to a fifth of men” and that the mental health issues are “particularly apparent in the 18 to 25 age group.”

Wang noted that though her take may be controversial, the explanation for the “sea of sadness” is that “too few women are getting married.”

She noted that in 2022, only 47 percent of women from 18 to 55 were married in the United States. Additionally, in 2021, only 28 out of 1000 women got married.

The issue with those dwindling rates of women getting married is that “women who aren’t married are worse off,” Wang noted.

“Studies have shown that married women have a lower risk of developing heart disease, are less likely to die from heart disease and have longer lifespans in general than non-married women,” she wrote.

Wang also found, from the results of various studies, that there are immense health benefits for having a family. 

Some 40 percent of married mothers - both heterosexual and lesbian women - aged under 55 reported that they were 'very happy' with their lives, compared with 22 percent of single, childfree women and 25 percent of married childfree women, according to 2022 General Social Survey. Only 13 percent of divorced women say they've reached this level of happiness.

Wang was sure to note that being in a relationship with one another is key to happiness and that “spouses provide a stronger bond than any other relationship.” She also insisted that even though raising kids is a challenge, “extensive research has shown that the rewards outweigh the negatives.”

Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women conducted a survey recently and found that young women prefer femininity over feminism. These results and Wang’s findings go hand in hand. Getting married and raising a family are things that bring joy to women. 

Unfortunately, however, these results are up against the rise in the “boss babe” mentality that has been popularized online. 

Wang called this a “glamorization of childfree life” and the popularization of being a “DINK,” which represents a married couple without kids (dual income no kids).

“These sentiments are being absorbed nationally. Only 24 percent of women under 30 believe that women who get married and have kids live fuller and happier lives than those who don’t, according to a 2023 poll,” Wang added.

To conclude, Wang gave a PSA to single women:

Marriage is not a cure-it-all magic wand, but the data tell us that the average American woman who is married with children is markedly less lonely and living a more meaningful and joyful life. 

So, to millions of young women who are at the start of adulthood: Do not let your fears of failing in love and family, or a slavish devotion to career, hold you back. 

Do not allow popular misconceptions to keep you from enjoying the benefits of marriage and motherhood.

 Prioritize relationships in your twenties, cultivate friendships with other marriage-minded young adults, be open to a relationship that could lead to marriage, and embrace marriage and parenthood when the time comes.

Fellas, it's time to put a ring on it and ladies, it's time to say YES!