Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Makes Abortion March Madness Bracket?!

March 22nd, 2024 11:13 AM

On Thursday evening, Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota Peggy Flanagan (D) posted images of her selections for March Madness. This year, however, Flanagan made her picks in one of the sickest ways possible. 

If you didn’t know, March Madness is an annual tournament that takes place in March where NCAA fans pick and essentially bet on who they think will win the basketball championships. This year, Flanagan picked her choices for the NCAA mens and women’s teams based on which colleges are in states/areas that promote abortion.

“I filled out my brackets based on whether those schools are located in a state that protects access to abortion care,” Flanagan wrote in a tweet on X. “By this measurement, it’s only fair that Minnesota didn’t make the tournament because they’d have been a favorite for the title.”

For the ladies teams, Flanagan, who was named one of USA Today's Women of the Year, selected Stanford to go against Southern California with Southern California being her winning pick. In California, very few abortion restrictions exist. As a matter of fact, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) was recently on NBC News’ "Meet the Press" where he defended unrestricted abortion, meaning abortion through all nine-months of pregnancy.

As for the mens teams, Flanagan set the final two as Connecticut’s UConn team and and Washington State’s Gonzaga University. Connecticut ranks rather high on the Guttmacher Institute’s scale of who does and doesn’t “protect” abortion. The small northeastern state helps pay for abortions, allows them do be done by just “healthcare professionals” instead of actual abortion doctors, and in certain cases, allows abortions to take place through all nine-months of pregnancy.

On the other side of the nation where Gonzaga University lies, similar laws are in place. But ultimately, Flanagan thinks Connecticut is more pro-abort, hence her top pick being UConn.

In the same thread where Flanagan shared her picks for March Madness, she explained how she used Planned Parenthood’s abortion access tool to pick who she wanted to win the championship.

“In situations where both teams were from states that guarantee abortion access with little to no restrictions, I picked the higher seed as a tie-breaker. I did the same if there was a matchup of teams from states that have banned abortion,” she wrote adding, “In the end, I picked a Final Four of teams from states that guarantee abortion access, with UConn winning the men’s title and USC winning the women’s. I look forward to the day when there’s universal abortion access and this method is obsolete. Let’s go.”

If I had it my way, there would never be “universal abortion access.” Establishing a “right” to kill an innocent child should never be a goal.

Others online agreed with me and roasted Flanagan for her post. 

“Democrats love killing babies,” one user wrote about Flanagan’s brackets.

Others replied directly on Flanagan’s post saying things like, “You pathetic person. Celebrating death as a joke,” “You are an embarrassment to God fearing and loving Minnesotans.”

More posts critical of Flanagan said things like, “This is about as pathetic a virtual-signaling play can possibly be,” "'Abortion care' is one of the most evil euphemisms I’ve heard in a while,” and “Absolutely shameless, aren’t you? Celebrating murder and trivializing it. Just awful.”

They’re right. This move by Flanagan not only shows how adamantly pro-abort she is, but how little class she has too. 

She should be ashamed of herself.