Rep. Garcia Decks out Door With Woke Garbage: Pro-Abort, Pro-Trans, Pro-BLM

March 21st, 2024 10:05 AM

On Wednesday, Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik posted an image of Representative Lorena Garcia’s (D-Col.) door at the Colorado House of Representatives district 35. Given that Garcia is an avid woke warrior, her door was adorned with 19 different posters, most of which promoting far-left ideologies.

“Protect Kids Not Guns,” the sign at the top of the entryway read. I assume Garcia’s sign is alluding to her support for gun control. Maybe she’s forgetting the fact that if we ban guns, killers are still going to kill. The only difference is that people won't be able to protect themselves and kids from killers. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. 

Another sign on her door read “Keep Families Together.”

It’s rather ironic that Garcia is advocating for keeping families together while at the same time insisting that “trans rights are human rights.” There’s been cases all across the nation where schools have helped kids transition and have driven a wedge between students and their parents. Kids have been manipulated and indoctrinated into not only believing and adopting leftist ideologies, but distancing themselves from their parents if they aren’t on board. That does the opposite of keeping “families together” like Garcia’s door insists and is certainly not helping with one of her other signs which read “don’t fail our children.”

Of course Garcia’s also displayed a “Black Lives Matter” poster to show her solidarity with the marxist machine that single-handedly lied to the public about it’s intentions so that it’s organizers could buy giant mansions. Similarly the door had a “Use Your Privilege to Fight for Justice” poster with an individual taking a knee. Likely this represents the idiot lefties who think that kneeling for performances of the National Anthem is some sort of way to say they’re not racist. Really it’s just disrespectful to the country.

As a cherry on top of Garcia’s pile of wokeness, she had two signs that touted her support for abortion. “Reproductive Freedom” was one and “Abort the Court” was another. The left loves trying to insist that killing a baby is part of “reproductive freedom.” Funnily enough, when a baby is in utero, “reproduction” already took place. The pro-life movement doesn’t want to limit anyone’s ability to reproduce otherwise we’d be out here insisting mass sterilization. Pro-Lifers simply don’t want you to be able to end the life of an innocent baby. 

As for “Abort the Court,” that slogan became popular in the summer of 2022 when Roe v. Wade was overturned. Naturally, since the Supreme Court didn’t vote in favor of what pro-abortionists wanted, their reaction was to protest and fight for the court to no longer exist. 

In all, it says a lot about a person when they attempt to virtue signal as hard as Garcia did with her door. While she may have been trying to prove how cool she is, all she really did was prove how out of touch with reality is.