RuPaul Builds ‘Fortified Compound’ in Wyoming For 'Civil War'

March 4th, 2024 2:57 PM

Hey, maybe now we won’t have to see him out and about as much.

RuPaul, most popularly known from RuPauls Drag Race series, was recently profiled by The New Yorker. In the interview, RuPual Andre Charles admitted that he has plans to create a “safety net” bunker type structure and is “braced for conflict.”

In the interview titled “RuPaul Doesn’t See How That’s Any of Your Business,” which was released Friday, RuPaul noted how he’s seen every episode of the series “Secrets of British Castles,” which talks about histories of landmarks. “Humans have been horrible since the beginning of time,” RuPaul told Ronan Farrow from The New Yorker. 

Farrow then noted that RuPaul is “braced for conflict,” due to the ways of the world today. “We are moments away from a f**king civil war,” he said, “Humans on this planet are in the cycle of destruction. I am plotting a safety net.”

RuPaul and his gay lover, George LeBar, own a 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. The two of them are constructing a concrete shelter on their property. “I wouldn’t call it a bunker,” he said, “it’s a lot of concrete and a lot of things.”

Now, why is RuPaul anticipating a civil war? Well, probably because people are waking up to the types of lunacies that he loves and endorses and aren’t having it!

For starters, RuPaul’s entire persona is based on being something out of a fiction novel. “Gender is a concept that we come up with, in our minds and our egos,” RuPaul told Farrow in the interview. “My genitals are male. But I can be whatever I can. I feel I’m everything. You are everything. You are male, female. Sometimes I feel more male than others.”

Luckily, some individuals, groups and legislators have been pushing back against this sort of delusion. Whether it be protecting women's sports from males pretending to be women, states putting transgender women (aka men) in men's prison despite they/thems desires, or groups gaining national attention after standing up for biology, the tides are turning and RuPaul doesn’t like it. 

Especially when it comes to drag. RuPaul’s Drag Race show has been streaming since 2009 and has 16 seasons so far. Last year Texas law prohibited certain drag performances that are almost always “sexually oriented” from taking place on public property where kids could see them. 

“Drag queens are the Marines of the queer movement," RuPaul said at the time. 

Since RuPaul regularly refers to himself as the “Queen of Drag,” and his entire empire is built on a facade, his frustration with a law like this may have contributed to his desire to create the bunker.

“In conservative communities around the country and the world, [RuPaul] often serves as a way in to queer culture. And, for those set against that culture, he represents the dangerous spread of liberal ideas,” Farrow wrote in the piece.

It’s likely Wyomingites aren’t too fond of this new bunker as many aren’t too fond of him anyways. The state is not only a red state that stands for the opposite of everything RuPaul supports, but RuPaul and his husband allegedly allow fracking to take place on their ranch and he has gotten pretty defensive when asked about it. “Do you buy gas? Before you point the finger, smell it first, bitch,” he told the interviewer from The New Yorker.

Hopefully RuPaul makes the bunker, gets in it and doesn’t come out. It's a win-win for us all!