Catholic University Fires Professor For Hosting ‘Abortion Doula’ in Class

January 31st, 2024 1:45 PM

I feel like if you work at a school called “Catholic University,” you should know what things are and aren’t “Catholic.”

Melissa Goldberg, a now former psychology lecturer at the Catholic University in Washington D.C., was let go after she invited a self-declared “abortion doula” to give a lesson on helping a “birthing person” get an abortion.

Carbonneau is the founder and CEO of the doula company Family Ways. A doula’s role is usually to help provide physical and emotional support to women giving birth. Whether it’s before, during or after the actual birthing process, a traditional doula role is to help mom and baby. 

Doulas, as Catholic News Agency noted, also have been known to help women through miscarriages. Carbonneau, however, talked about a doula’s role as a support during an abortion. 

A student who attended the January 23 lecture by Rachel Carbonneau recorded the lesson in which Carbonneau was heard saying that the “goal for a lot of providers is to try to perform the abortion before the baby’s nerve endings are a time when the baby is not going to feel any pain.” She also referred to a pregnant lady as a “birthing person.” 

I wonder if she knew she was at a Catholic university before she said something so obviously against biblical teachings.

Here’s what Catholic News Agency reported about when Carbonnneau was challenged by a student in the class:

When asked by a student to expand on her use of the term “birthing persons,” Carbonneau said that she works with clients who identify as transgender. “Birthing person” is a term transgender advocates often use to avoid gendered language such as “woman” or “mother.”

According to the audio recording, the “abortion doula” also talked about helping “pregnant men” deliver in what she called a “seahorse birth.”

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When word broke, Catholic University President Peter Kilpatrick sent an email indicating that the professor’s contract was “terminated” over inviting Carbonneau.

“As a Catholic institution, we are committed to promoting the full truth of the human person and to protecting human life from conception to natural death. In our rigorous pursuit of truth and justice, we engage at times with arguments or ideologies contrary to reason or to the Gospel,” Kilpatrick noted including, “But we do so fully confident in the clarity given by the combined lights of reason and faith, and we commit to never advocate for sin or to give moral equivalence to error.”

Needless to say, Carbonneau was advocating for sin (abortion) and Goldberg, who’s equally at fault for inviting her, was doing the same.

Catholic University also told The Daily Signal that “The guest speaker will not be speaking again to the class, and we are re-communicating the terms and expectations by which all outside speakers are vetted and invited.”

Let’s hope they stick to their word.

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