Trans Kid Joined Church of England Primary School At Just 4 Years Old

January 29th, 2024 3:15 PM

The words “trans” and “four-year-old” should never ever be in the same sentence.

The Church of England’s primary school admitted a "transgender" child to its classes when the child was just four years old. Parents of the child have allowed and encouraged him to live life as a girl despite his biologically male identity and now, three years later, word is spreading.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the child’s biological sex was hidden from classmates but the administrative staff and teachers, and the parents (obviously, since they did this), were in the know. The child joined at age four and was admitted as a little girl.

Everyone was keeping the little boy’s secret until one of his friends, an actual little girl, found out her friend was actually a boy. The real little girl ended up suffering from stress-induced insomnia and constipation, her mother said, as well as having spurts of not talking or listening to the radio and episodes of hiding under tables.

All signs point to the fact that the little girl was suffering emotionally.

"The mother said her daughter was 'distraught' that her friend had 'lied' to her and that she had been 'holding hands with a boy,'" The Telegraph indicated. Supposedly the little trans kid was “flashing their willy” at his friends and told them that his “dark secret” was that he is actually a boy.

Obviously for a seven-year-old group of friends, that was traumatizing for the kids.

“The fact that a boy was being enrolled as a girl aged four, that alone for me is a massive red flag. Because I don’t see how a child of that age can make that decision…to actually go through a social transition,” the (real) little girl’s mother said about the situation. “I just want my daughter to be a child. The school’s actions have robbed her of this and that can never be given back.”

The mother eventually took her daughter out of the school.

Women and Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch told The Telegraph that the school’s actions may be in “breach of new government guidance.”

“Government guidance is clear that social transitioning is not a neutral act and is certainly unsuitable for primary school-aged children. I will be making sure that the school is aware of government policy and the law when it comes to gender-questioning children,” Badenoch said.

Last month, the UK Government published draft guidelines for schools and how they should interact with the trans debate. The guidelines instructed teachers to not “exclude” parents if a student decides he or she thinks they want to change the gender and also says that teachers are not “compelled” to use a child’s preferred pronouns. 

A Church of England spokesperson insisted that the guidance was meerly to prevent “bullying,” not provide guidance to schools for “gender questioning children.” AKA, the Church of England schools seem to think they can do whatever they want when it comes to trans kids, even if it means keeping their true identity hidden from other students and their parents for years. 

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I mean that’s the same logic it seems to be using on the trans kid who’s apparently allowed to do and say whatever he pleases and seems to be unchecked or undisciplined at school, including exposing his "willy."

Not to mention, this is all happening at one of the 4,630 Church of England schools which are supposed to help facilitate"a Christian presence in every community." I'm unsure how a transgender four-year-old screams "Christian" but, I digress.

All in all, it's clear that the trans student in this situation is prioritized over the safety and mental health and wellbeing of the rest of his class. He traumatized his friend, but who had to leave the school? The one who was traumatized, not the traumatizer.

Now, I want to be clear that I honestly do feel bad for the "transgender child." He should've never been allowed and encouraged to go down a route like this in the first place. But it's 2024, and apparently the left thinks four-year-olds who can't even tie their shoes can pick their own gender. 

This is sad.

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