Pay Attention, U.S.! U.K. Sets Guidelines for How to Deal with Trans Kids

December 21st, 2023 3:54 PM

Maybe I should pack my bags and move to the United Kingdom.

The U.K. just released a new set of national guidelines surrounding the issue of transgenderism in schools. The U.K.’s new rules should be considered a win against the social contagion that is the progressive movement. 

“In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of children questioning the way they feel about being a boy or a girl, including their physical attributes of sex and the related ways in which they fit into society,” the guidelines indicated, later adding, “this changing picture has left schools and colleges in a position where they are having to navigate a highly sensitive, complex issue, which is still not properly understood. We appreciate how daunting this is for school and college staff and for parents and children too.”

Now in the U.K., schools will not be required to use students’ preferred pronouns. Instead, schools were told to inform parents if a child has a desire to use pronouns that don’t align with their biological sex.

Additionally, bathrooms, locker rooms and dorms/boarding will be separated according to birth sex. That means that boys won't be allowed to wear mini skirts and go into the girls locker room to get undressed.

“For all sports where physical differences between the sexes threatens the safety of children,4 schools and colleges should adopt clear rules which mandate separate-sex participation. There can be no exception to this,” the guidelines included about sports, and adding that for non-competitive sports safety still needs to be prioritized but there can be mixed-sex participation.

The guidelines aim to put “the best interests of all children first” and insist that they don’t intend to call struggling children “transgender kids,” but rather “gender questioning children.”

The guidelines also made five requests clear:

  1. Schools and colleges have statutory duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.
  2. Schools and colleges should be respectful and tolerant places where bullying is never tolerated.
  3. Parents should not be excluded from decisions taken by a school or college relating to requests for a child to ‘socially transition.’
  4. Schools and colleges have specific legal duties that are framed by a child’s biological sex.
  5. There is no general duty to allow a child to ‘social transition 

The guidelines seem to encourage a conservative approach to dealing with gender questioning children. It specifically encourages looping in parents, considering a child’s age and having a period of “watchful waiting.” That’s something the U.S. should do as well considering the fact that in the states a boy says he likes pink and is basically given hormones on a silver platter.

The guidance is non-statutory and, therefore, there’s no legislation to accompany it, The Guardian noted. So, it will still be up to schools to decide what exactly to adopt as “policy.” However, the guidelines aim to encourage and, well -- guide, educators, while being a facilitator for truth to once again flourish in the school system.

Now let’s hope and pray that U.S. education systems adopt something similar.