Feud Erupts Between Trad Wife and Feminists on Twitter Over Little Girl Baking

December 6th, 2023 4:23 PM

A few images of a TikTok video were shared to Twitter Tuesday that showed a mom and her daughter baking together. So, naturally, it sparked a debate between those who understand the Biblical role of a wife and those who think men are the scum of the Earth.

The post, which now has over 3,500,000 views on Twitter, featured three photos of a mom holding her little girl and baking with their mixer. The words on the images read, “I’m teaching my daughter that it’s perfectly acceptable to depend on a man. That being a home maker is the number 1 career she should strive for & that serving her husband & bearing her children will be her greatest joy.”

Coming from a girl whose only dream and desire is to raise her babies, I wholeheartedly love this post. 

Others, however, couldn't disagree more.

The account that posted the images called the mother in the video a “repugnant class traitor,” and another commented that teaching a child to cook was “actual grooming.” 

Another user said, “If I had a mom like that, I’d rub it in her face on a daily how gay and how happily independent I am, while she serves her man and stays in an unhappy marriage.” One more wrote, “She's just a kid and her mom is already thinking about her having kids and being a servant to a man.”

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Funnily enough, the girl who wrote that comment looks like she’s a servant to the things of the world. Not to mention, there’s a difference between the Biblical submission of a wife serving her husband (who is commanded to sacrificially love his wife in the same verse) and being a slave. The mother isn’t advocating for the latter. 

The thing is, if that little girl in the image grows up to be a brain surgeon or cure cancer, she’ll be no more or less of a woman than one who chooses to stay home and raise her babies, and vice versa. That’s all the original video was aiming to point out. 

Thankfully, some users pointed out how beautiful the message in the video was.

“Relatable” host Allie Beth Stuckey replied sarcastically saying, “Right-  women should instead be taught to work 60 hours a week at a soulless job for a boss who doesn’t care about them and to have an abortion to make sure she can get that promotion to earn an extra $2,000 a year! Liberating!”

Another user admitted to how fulfilled she felt after choosing to stay home with her children. 

“I homeschool my kids. I have a masters degree and used to work for a big corporation.  That felt like such a soul suck versus the work I do with and for my children,” she wrote.

Look — If a woman wants to work her whole life or needs to for financial reasons, so be it. If she doesn’t, what’s the point? What’s the point of working a 9-to-5 and using your whole paycheck to afford daycare for someone else to watch your kids? If you’re doing that to prove that you’re “independent,” that's stupid. 

If women do want to work and not raise kids, so be it. But this mom, who is merely teaching her daughter about the joys of being a wife and a mother, is doing nothing wrong, and people need to get off their high horses and move on. In the same vein, if she isn’t allowed to teach her kid how to serve in roles like those, then likewise progressives can’t teach their kids about how to masturbate, how to have gay sex and how to change their gender. 

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