Ohio Passes Pro-Abortion Law, Pro-Lifers Respond to ‘Tragic’ News

November 8th, 2023 11:31 AM

It was a devastating day in Ohio on Tuesday when voters approved Issue 1, making abortion a so-called “right” in the Catholic state. Life-affirmers were heartbroken at the sobering news.

Ohio voted 56 percent to 44 percent to Issue 1. While it was a close call, ultimately Issue 1 passed. Unfortunately, the result isn’t surprising.

Those who were against Issue 1 have been under attack lately by pro-aborts in Ohio. Earlier last week MRCTV reported about 12-plus churches being targeted surrounding their stance on Issue 1. Some had signs stolen, others had signs damaged and some buildings were even vandalized. 

Not to mention, on the same day residents were set to vote on Issue 1, a measure to legalize marijuana was also on the ballot which likely drew in many additional liberal voters who voted in favor of both Issue 1 and legalizing marijuana. 

Now in Ohio, Issue 1 will trump the formerly instituted 22-week restriction by not defining the word “viability.” This will give abortion providers the chance to interpret the word on their own and perform abortion at any point on a case-by-case basis. This is a radical, pro-abortion policy and is heartbreaking for the innocent lives that will be lost as a result.  

That sentiment was shared among pro-life individuals across the nation who expressed their heartbreak on social media.  

Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, posted a statement regarding the passing of Issue 1. She began by voicing her stance, and the truth, on when life begins and deserves respect and protection. She then wrote about how we are in a democratic Rebublic which allows people to express their beliefs through “free and fair elections.” Here’s what she said about Ohio specifically:

It is a tragedy that the people of Ohio, and the many states before and to follow them, were asked to vote on the legality of discriminately killing a class of persons based on their age. This is a class of persons, our youngest children, who have no vote and cannot advocate for themselves. When, and under what conditions, should the rule of the majority be curtailed to protect the rights of the minority? The first and most obvious answer is to protect the most fundamental human rights of the minority, most importantly, the right to life. 

Rose concluded with optimism that the pro-life movement needs to “throw out the old playbook and dive headfirst into a strategy that can win the hearts and minds of the American people and translate into electoral victory.”

Others replied similarly. One woman wrote “Ohio you failed” with a heartbreaking graphic showing the truth of abortion. 

Others related the dismemberment of children in abortion to the beheading of children in Israel by Hamas.

“We called out Hamas for beheading children, what will we say about Ohio enshrining abortion into their constitution,” preacher John Amanchukwu wrote.


Another user said, “Ohio first state in the nation to legalize abortion up to *birth*. For those pro choicers outraged by Hamas cutting off baby’s heads. What in God’s name do you NOT understand about the procedure of abortion?”

At the same time, pro-aborts were thrilled at the news. A group called “Floridians Protecting Freedom,” who considers abortion to be a “freedom” that women are entitled to wrote, “Today, Ohio voters spoke loud and clear - they don't want politicians interfering in their private medical decisions” calling it a “victory.” Another account shared a video of a basketball player on his knees after a big win to indicate the so-called “win” of Issue 1 being passed.

Ultimately, it’s a sad and devastating day for pro-lifers in Ohio and the nation at large, but it’s an even more sad day for the babies that will be victim to this decision. On the one hand, this is what the overturn of Roe did. It pushed decisions back to states. But now the battle lies in getting people to wake up and realize what happens during an abortion and why it's a complete and utter grave evil so that our nation can become one that actually honors liberty and justice for ALL.