New Woke Children's Book Released: 'In My Daddy's Belly'

November 8th, 2023 1:38 PM

A new book titled, “In My Daddy’s Belly” was just released by transgender activist and author Logan Brown. The story about a “transgender dad giving birth,” which was inspired by a real family was slammed on Twitter.

If you haven’t eaten yet, this story may make you lose your appetite.

The story features “tips for parents, helpful resources and FAQ’s” that readers may have. It is inspired by the story of Brown who birthed a daughter earlier this year. Brown is a biological female so for accuracy, we’ll refer to Brown as a she. 

She delivered her child with her partner, Bailey J. Mills who is a UK drag queen. Cringe alert! “In My Daddy’s Belly” was published by Bigger Books Publishing who focuses on making LGBTQ books for “all children.”

Talk about groomers, amiright!?

The Bigger Books Publishing Twitter account shared some inside pictures of “In My Daddy’s Belly.” One image showed a picture of the two “dads” lounging on the couch and looking at the sonogram of their baby. 

As listed on Amazon, the book is “Written in a way that is accessible to children of all ages and easy to understand, it gives some basic facts about Transgender Dads giving birth and celebrates new life with colourful, bold illustrations and a wholesome story with the message; 'it doesn't matter what your family looks like, as long as you are safe and loved.’”

Amazon also listed three groups the book is “excellent for.” One was for introducing children to trans parents, another was for opening discussions about non-traditional families and the third was to enable “children to grow into kind and understanding adults.”

I think that you can probably learn to be kind and understanding without being fed lies- but that’s just me. 

There’s many issues with this book and the main one is that it teaches young kids a lie. Men cannot become pregnant. Men cannot give birth and there’s no such thing as a biological girl that can do those things, while being a male dad. This book is a very clear and direct way to indoctrinate kids and confuse their young, vulnerable and impressionable little minds.

As a matter of fact, the book, as listed by Amazon, even contains interactive questions to get kids to explore their feelings in a “safe space,” aka get kids to question truth. 

In response to this very progressive story, users on Twitter were flabbergasted.

Gays Against Groomers wrote, “Stop confusing children with this insane nonsense! Women give birth. Men do not.” Libs of TikTok shared an image of Brown on the cover of Glamour UK magazine with her pregnant belly exposed and added the comment “stop confusing kids!” Another user wrote, “This isn't education, it's delusion. Protect children from this madness, not plunge them into it.” 

This type of propaganda is insane and heartbreaking. Though the book was just released, I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up in school libraries or on summer reading lists soon. The lunacy of this delusion is spreading faster than COVID did and we’ve gotta stand up and fight to keep things like these away from innocent children.