Planned Parenthood Gives Special Needs Kid Cross-Sex Hormones After 30 Min Visit

October 4th, 2023 4:58 PM

Fred, who’s last name has been withheld out of privacy, was diagnosed with ADHD with autistic traits at age four. When he turned 18, he visited a Planned Parenthood location where he was prescribed cross-sex hormones after just a thirty minute appointment, The Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday.

Despite his developmental issues, Fred also struggled with depression and anxiety and was even expelled from three different special-needs schools over behavior issues, Free Beacon noted. “Like many people on the autism spectrum, Fred cycles through obsessions and extreme views,” his parents told the outlet that Fred once became part of an alt-right group chat which facilitated his now “far left” views. 

His parents also indicated that Fred still has interests that line up with traditional teenage boys - “guns, powertools, and metalworking,” which made it all the more shocking when “in December 2022, at 17 years old, he announced he was a transgender woman." 

Supposedly, Fred’s autistic best friend decided he was transgender and Fred followed in his footsteps. Often times it's hard for individuals with developmental issues and special needs to be able to think critically or for themselves. Similarly, Fred’s got a higher inclination to get hyper fixated on things in phases. 

His parents ended up proceeding in calling Fred by a female name at home and tried enrolling him in the Gender and Autism Program at Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. but the waitlist for gender confused autistic youth was about a year long.  

One summer day, when Fred was 18 and his parents were out of town, he went to a Planned Parenthood facility in Montclair, New Jersey. According to his phone tracking data, Fred arrived at the clinic at 11:00 a.m. Planned Parenthood will provide hormones to “any legal adult without a letter from a therapist or a formal diagnosis of gender dysphoria. The only requirement is a brief consultation, usually with a nurse practitioner, about the drugs’ effects, which range from mood swings and male pattern baldness to permanent infertility." 

By 11:39 a.m., Fred's parents received a text from CVS indicating that Fred’s estrogen prescription was on its way.

“Instead of a months-long evaluation by expert psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner had, in little over 30 minutes, prescribed their special-needs son a powerful drug without their knowledge or consent,” the outlet clarified.

In response to the completely insane news, Fred’s mother was flabbergasted.

“It’s criminal what Planned Parenthoods all over the country are doing," she said. "And most people have no idea this is happening."

In July, Fred’s parents filed a complaint with New Jersey’s nursing and medical boards insisting that “Planned Parenthood violated the standards of care by prescribing Fred estrogen without a thorough psychiatric assessment, and that his autistic traits had inhibited his capacity to consent. It also questioned whether 30 minutes was enough time for anyone to think through the implications of a permanent loss of fertility.”

It really is a shame what happened to Fred, and it's also a shame that this isn’t uncommon. Brand new 18-year-olds who likely haven’t even voted in an election yet are waltzing into places like Planned Parenthood with their mind set on hopping on the bandwagon of progressivism. Yet, they leave more confused and down a path that will never reap benefits they're looking for, whether it’s body image issues, identity issues or social issues. Transitioning solves absolutely no issues and it never will.

Prayers go out to Fred, his family and other families and kids who have been mercilessly taken advantage of by the progressive regimes of the left.