Doctor Insists Puberty Blockers Are Reversible, But Recommends ‘Freezing Eggs’ of a 12-Year-Old

September 18th, 2023 11:32 AM

The Post Millennial recently obtained a recording of a meeting between a child, her parents, and an endocrinologist who wanted to turn the 12-year-old girl into a boy. In the meeting, the doctor contradicted herself by insisting that puberty blockers were reversible, while at the same time suggesting the child seek “fertility preservation” - i.e., egg freezing - in the case she wanted to have children of her own one day. 

This story isn’t new, but this recording does present evidence supporting claims that puberty-blocking drugs and hormone therapy can have permanent effects on young children who may not even realize what they're signing up for.

It’s been over a year since this story concerning a New York child and her father, who is against medically transitioning his 12-year-old daughter, came into the public eye. The child’s mother seems to be all-in for transitioning her kid into a “boy," but the father, rightfully so, is skeptical. 

At around eight years old and with coaching from her mother, the little girl began insisting she wanted to be a he, The Post Millennial reported last October. Naturally, this caused a divide in the marriage, as the father could tell this was all simply confusion on the child’s part. The wife later filed for divorce in 2021. 

On Monday, a year after the story first broke, The Post Millennial released more information regarding a specific meeting between the child's parents and a doctor at the Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York. Endocrinologist Dr. Kathleen Bethin can be heard on a recording encouraging the child’s parents to start her on puberty blockers or, at the very least, a contraceptive pill that would halt her from getting her period. 

Bethin was adamant that these drugs wouldn’t harm the child and that any effects would be reversible if she so chose.

"So we actually use puberty blockers a lot for kids that go into puberty too early,” " Bethin said, according to The Post Millennial. She also explained how she suggests kids take extra vitamin D and calcium so that their bone health can stay healthy as they are “still accruing density until like age 25,” insisting that taking the drugs would be a “temporary” thing (puberty blockers are known to cause bone density problems in still-developing children).

According to the recording, the father then asked, "So pausing time, when the body is developing … you believe that can just be turned off and restarted again?" to which Bethin replied, "Yes."

The Post Millennial transcribes:

"I really see the puberty blockers as harmless, to give somebody time. Because really, if at age 18, he decided," Bethin said, referring to the girl, "'you know what, I am female' and he would get his breasts and he would get development of his ovaries and uterus."

"After six years of being on puberty blockers?" the father asked.

"Oh, sure," Bethin said.

"You can just replace six years immediately coming off puberty blockers?" he asked.

"Well not, it's not immediately, but it happens, I mean I have—"

"I'm sincerely asking you, after six years of puberty blockers?" he asked.

"Yes," Bethin confirmed.

The father then showed Bethin evidence from other doctors whose patients never experienced normal sexual function after being put on puberty blockers. Bethin disagreed, despite the reports, only to eventually admit that puberty blockers would threaten the child’s fertility when the meeting shifted from puberty-blocking drugs to egg preservation for the 12-year-old kid. 

"Is there a way to preserve anything in that department?" the mother asked Bethin, to which the doctor replied, "Not at this stage right now." Bethin indicated that in order to establish fertility, the child would have to go through puberty - the very thing the drugs were intended to stop.

After further review, however, Bethin referred the family to an infertility doctor to go over the possibility of freezing the child's eggs, saying the girl was "further along than I thought" in the puberty process.

"Actually, I don't know, you could go to a fertility — reproductive endocrinologist to see about the possibility of freezing eggs because he's further along than I thought," Bethin said, adding that while there are other drugs that could simply stop a period, full-on puberty blockers were the way to go.

Yes, the mother and doctor were discussing how to harvest the eggs of a child so that if she reaches adulthood and decides she wants kids, she can do so. How freakin' twisted and dystopian!

The sad reality is that there is extreme harm in taking puberty blockers, as The Post Millennial noted:

Neither Bethin nor the mother appeared to realize that both things cannot be true: if puberty blockers are reversible, then why would there be a need to preserve the girl's eggs so that she could bear children at such time as she changed her mind? Either the puberty blockers are reversible and fertility would be back on the table as soon as she stopped taking them, or the drugs come with a permanent side effect of sterility and so-called fertility preservation is unnecessary.

It’s clear that there’s an agenda and a motive here, and that the child in question is not the top priority. Her mother is believing lies that a licensed doctor is spewing, and her father is left on his own to defend and save the life of his child.

Prayers go out to this family.