The Right BLASTS False Planned Parenthood Tweet on Late-Term Abortions

August 25th, 2023 4:05 PM

It’s days like this I just like to sit back with some popcorn and watch.

On Friday, the Planned Parenthood Twitter account tweeted that there was no such thing as a “late-term abortion.” In response to the completely incorrect statement, the baby killing machine was blasted with facts, including past instances where Planned Parenthood’s own statements were contradictory.

In response to its own tweet, Planned Parenthood replied to itself insisting that “Anti-abortion rights activists use ‘late-term abortion’ to describe abortions that happen at 15 or 20 weeks, or even earlier — deliberately equating an abortion halfway through pregnancy with a pregnancy ready for delivery,” and added “This isn’t an accident: It’s another lie they tell to scare people, spread misinformation, and shame pregnant people for the decisions we make about our own bodies.”

Then came the squashing. told Planned Parenthood to “Quit Lying” and added a fact sheet of the CDC confirmed late-term abortions per state per year. 

One woman posted a screenshot of a tweet from Planned Parenthood Action who literally used the word “late-term” in a tweet and how necessary those abortions are.

Another user shared a similar blast.

Live Action News went so far as to share screenshots of abortion clinics that offer and use the phrasing of “Late Term Abortion.”

This isn’t shocking. Planned Parenthood is established on a lie. A lie that tells people that abortion is “health care” or part of a “woman’s right” or that it somehow isn’t murder. 

It’s no wonder that the org. has been caught, yet again, in its lies.

Planned Parenthood is eating its words.